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First things first. Thanks to everyone who participated in my survey last month. It is my pleasure to announce that the information gathered has assisted in the preparation for the revival of my photo stories which will be published very very soon. šŸ™‚

So what have I been doing since my last post?? Playing with dolls of course! LOL!

After the drooling session over the IT dolls released on the webinar last month I took a little hiatus and now I have lots to share….

Presently under construction in the doll room is a coffee shop. Once again MyFroggyStuff and my daughter have influenced some creative play. Here are the results so far:

Construction of Jammin Javas 2

The main counter was made like on the video with a few adjustments, like a little more support on the base. I also used a little more pliable board than cardboard for the base and then the counter is actually foam board covered in contact paper. The red display case/cashier counter is from the My Scene coffee shop playset, along with some of the accessories on the counter like the coffee machines and red cappuccino cups. Other miniatures are from Re-ment sets and Barbie playsets.

Construction of Jammin Javas aerial

The red display case/cashier counter is from the My Scene coffee shop playset. To make the display case a bit more realistic, a piece of clear plastic was cut from packaging and glued on to the front right as seen below. Ā Construction of Jammin Javas pastry counter

The accessories on the counter like the coffee machines and red cappuccino cups are also from My Scene playsets. Other miniatures are from Re-ment sets and Barbie playsets.

Construction of Jammin Javas

The chalkboards are from a roll of chalkboard contact paper and the writing is applied using a white pencil crayon.Ā The red raised

Next on the list to do are the surrounding walls, floor, cleaning up the edging of the main counter, making little trays for the food in the display case, make miniature packages of coffee, sugar, etc and dig for more miniatures to accessorize the diorama.

Oh before I forget, the name of the coffee shop is Jammin’ Javas. I made a coffee shop many years ago and made t-shirts and aprons, so this setup is just another franchise branch in City Circlez. My new girls are modeling the attire:

Jammin Javas attireCloseup of Jammin Javas tshirt

Closeup of Jammin Javas apron

For those curious about my previous attempt at a coffee shop, here is a quick flash back:




As always I try to make sureĀ there is quite an assortment of reading material for the guys and gals, so on June 2nd (a day after release) multiple copies of the latest DerPuppe issue was made and distributed.


Guess this is the only time IannaĀ got a chance to catch up on her reading. Others decided to be antisocial…


Barbeque on roof4

Which brings me to an update on the roof top balcony…

Barbeque on roof2

Barbeque on roof

Barbeque on roof3

Grill closeup

Apart from creating the stone area I am most pleased with the result of my re-upholstered patio furniture. All pillows were hand-sewn by me, and boy was that tedious.

Reupholstered bench

Reupholstered chair

Couple things still need to be completed up here, like making the blue sky more realistic, putting soil or stones or moss in the flower beds along the wall, raising the height of the grill, put in lots more trees and shrubbery on the wall and of course placing more minis and dolls in the scene, so the party can get started. šŸ™‚

In other parts of City CirclezĀ people are getting on with their lives, so here’s a sneak peek:

Zolamakesa smoothie2

Zola is making a healthy smoothie after a long day of meetings at work.

Zolamakesa smoothie

Mercedes as usual has guests over at her apartment…


Don, Dante and Julian (Mercedes’ current boyfriend)


Phoebe with newborn and Felicity

Phoebe and her newborn

…but where is Mercedes? Probably in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

And oh dear looks like lights are out over by Dana and Skylar.

Change a lightbulb

Skylar, Carly, Elizabeth, Melanie (on ladder), Val (holding ladder), Dana and Cazia.

Finally just for fun, here’s a super quick tutorial on how to make doll sized door knobs:

Doorknob tutorial

Thanks for visiting and check out my Sales presently going on.

Construction of City Circlez’s First Street

The wheels are finally turning and the first street of City Circlez is now under construction. I have so many play sets miniatures and dolls its time to finally set them up.

My father, the civil engineer, thankfully has a staff including some highly skilled carpenters. So my first request was to build two three storey structures to host my apartments and street stores. Ā The first structure shown here is 5 feet long, 1 1/2 feet wide and about 4 feet high. the extensions in the front and two sides will be the sidewalk and they are 8 inches wide. Between buildings the roads for the cars will be suspended and easily removed if I need to stand between for pictures.

Aerial of Section A

Aerial of Section A


Section A without base-1

Section A without base


Section A without base

Side view of Section A without base


This whole structure will be raised onto a stand with wheels. Why wheels you ask? Well this ‘city’ will eventually be made of about 9 of these structures set up in the middle of the room, so after playing, shooting stories etc I want to be able to push them to the side walls of the room when not in use. The base also has space for storing odds and ends.

The second structure will be pretty much like the first only I have extended the width to 2 feet. I tried putting in furniture for an apartment on the second storey and it proved to be quite a challenge. My new tenants are requesting kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room space so I am trying to make it work in the space available. Here’s a picture of my attempts of arranging furniture before walls are cut to partition off the rooms.

Initial Furniture Placements

Initial Furniture Placements

My plan is to have walls, doors etc within the apartments and then exterior walls of the whole structure. Those exterior walls are going to be the tricky part. I’ve always wanted to shoot a story from all four sides of a room. So each building will have removable walls with windows permanently inserted into each exterior wall.

The first building is called Section A. It will have the Post Office, Laundromat and Hair Salon on the ground floor. Please note you may see a lot of pink play sets pieces, that’s all going to go! I’m working towards a realistic setting so spray cans and gallons of paint are on hand. The second storey of Section A will have an apartment I hope to host 4 roommates in college. Right now the Poppys in my Poppy Parker collection are dying to have a place of their own. The third storey will tentatively have a married couple.

Apartment Bathroom Placement

Apartment Bathroom Placement

Post Office & Laundromat

Post Office & Laundromat



Hair Salon

Hair Salon

The second building is called Section B. Ground floor will have the Coca Cola Diner and the Mini Market. Second storey will host a family and the third storey a single woman.

Mini Market

Mini Market

Coca Cola Diner

Coca Cola Diner

The final structure I had built is a standalone office with four adjacent rooms. The Modeling agency will go here. Three offices and one kitchen.

Stand Alone Office Structure

Stand Alone Office Structure

As you can see there is lots to work on and lots to see.Ā I’ll share the overall plan of the city in another post, then you’ll see the general gist. I’m looking forward to documenting this process and sharing with you the stages. Feel free to ask any questions.