Toys Behind the Scenes

Do they remain still and inanimate when we walk away? Or do they come to life and carry on a life of their own? In this household, it’s the latter. The minute the Female Human Owner (FHO) closes the door; they come alive. From the dolls in the doll room to the Lego and Playmobil characters dispersed around the house. It’s a toy’s paradise from room to room, especially when both human occupants have left for the day.

At present, there are three defined districts named after the FHO’s Instagram accounts. The first and largest is Lifecirclez, comprised of Barbies, Fashion Royalty, and other playline dolls in a 1:6 scale. Then Lifecirclez_Lego including Lego toys from sets including a pirate’s ship, city buildings, Harry Potter, and many more, all on a 1:45 scale. The third in a 1:24 scale is Lifecirclez_Playmobil, the second largest collection after the dolls, boasting sets of all types from a zoo to a ski lodge.

Each district has a mayor who governs its citizens on day-to-day matters accompanied by a curator who records the characters in their district and all their associated accessories. Several other assigned roles keep the order and maintain their cardinal rule: “Humans must never know we come alive.”

This page is devoted to stories of their adventures exhibiting “when the cat’s away the mice will play.”

Episode 1 – Lifecirclez Town Hall Meeting>>

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