Magic Kitchen

Another interesting find was this brochure for the Barbie Magic Kitchen and other sets sold separately. This kitchen was originally released in 1998 and then was repurposed into the Happy Family Grandma’s kitchen in yellow.

Two other sets are also featured: The Mini Mart with the cool display case, pretzel display and Icee dispenser, and the Sweet Treats Shop a set I have never seen in person or online for sale. I can only imagine the price for each if Never Removed From the Box (NFRB).

The separate food sets shown on the brochere are rare and pre-date the well known miniature food sets from Re-ment. If only Mattel stuck to this mode of production, realistic and without the silly little handles they have included on sets nowadays. Some of the pics are a little blurry and that’s due to the lower quality cameras used back then. Either way hope you enjoy these shots as much as I do.

Cute details like actual usable wall cabinets, motorized blender, working drawers, oven and fridge.
Check out the two tins of SpagettiOs, the loaf of Wonder bread and other miniature food that look so real.
Pizza making set with actual slices
Dessert with pie that comes apart, a frosting can that opens and the most adorable Quik chocolate syrup in the shape of the classic bunny.
Breakfast set with removable waffles and a jar of jam that opens.
Barbeque food including burgers which can be separated and individual potato chips on the side.
Barbecue set with cool kebab that can be disassembled and removable rotisserie chicken
Baking set with eggs that can be opened and closed.
Fancy dinner with an awesome baster!!
Elegant dining set. Love the gravy dish!
Kitchen accessories including measuring spoons and bundt cake pan.
Sweet Treats Shop with lots of candy and ice cream treats.

Barbie Family House

This folded flyer features a 1999 Barbie house and other furniture sets of that time. They are all in my collection, even though some have been repainted over the years. It’s a joy reminiscing over these older sets and observing all the realistic accessories they came with.

Fold out cover of flyer
Close up of closed house
Close up of inside with Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Kelly.
Dining room where Ken apparently cooked something that looks like popcorn for their dinner date. LOL! My favorite items from this set are the cool little soup bowls.
Living room set with my favorite recliner and ottoman and separate potato chips as seen on the coffee table.
Bedroom set
Kitchen set with of course faux drawers and cabinets. At least the freezer compartment of the fridge opens.
Bathroom Set. Like the Family house featured early there is no toilet. The shower/bath combo is cool however.
Summer garden set with cute bird house and realistic garden tools.

My favorite set of the bunch is the kitchen. What’s your favorite set and why?

All images were created by Mattel.

Fashion Avenue Booklet

The first marketing paraphernalia (MP) featured is a Fashion Avenue Collection marketing booklet. It provides a true blast into the past. Enjoy!

Pages 1 & 2
Pages 3 & 4
Pages 5 & 6
Pages 7 & 8
Back page – Pages 9 & 10
Pages 11 & 12
Pages 13 & 14

All pictures are by Mattel.

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