Episode 1 – Julian and Mercedes*

Late one afternoon Mercedes was reading over her lines for her upcoming soap opera. 22754398392_8b991b9de4_o

And watching close by were her dog Mello and her dog’s guest Franco. Mercedes agreed to babysit Franco for the weekend. Just then she heard someone jiggling the key in the door lock. She guessed it was her sister Fabiola, who promised to bring over some chinese food, as the only other person with a key was Julian her boyfriend, but he was off island on a modeling shoot.


As the door creaked open she turned to see who it was and to her surprise it was Julian.

Mercedes & Julian-1


Mercedes & Julian-2

Mercedes: “Julian, darling!”

Mercedes & Julian-3

Mercedes: “I thought it was my sister. Aren’t you supposed to be in Milan?”

Mercedes & Julian-4

Julian: “The agency called me back so I can attend some cocktail party. Aren’t you happy to see me?”

Mercedes & Julian-5

Mercedes: “Darling I missed you terribly. I was thinking of getting a ticket to come surprise you.”

Mercedes & Julian-6

Julian: “I’m happy you didn’t ’cause you would have totally distracted me from work.” Mercedes: “Oh really?”

Mercedes & Julian-7

Julian: “Damn I missed those lips of yours.”

Mercedes & Julian-7-5

Mercedes & Julian-8Mercedes & Julian-9

Mercedes & Julian-10

Mercedes & Julian-11

Julian: “You sure you want to?” Mercedes: “Mmm, yes, mmm, yes.”

Mercedes & Julian-12

Julian: “You comfortable?”

Mercedes & Julian-13

Mercedes: “Once you have me in your arms I’m 150% comfortable.”

Mercedes & Julian-14

Julian: “You are so beautiful.”

A little later in Mercedes’ bedroom…

Mercedes & Julian-14-5

Mercedes & Julian-15

Mercedes: “Julian I was thinking, why don’t you move in with me.” Julian: “Mercedes, I’m flattered you want me to, but right now is not a good time.”

Mercedes & Julian-16

Julian: “I travel too much babe, because of work. I would hardly be here taking full advantage of your company.” Mercedes: “I wouldn’t mind. When you are in town I want you here.” Julian: “Sorry I won’t Mercedes. I don’t want you growing to resent me because I am mostly way.”

Mercedes & Julian-17

Julian: “Anyway enough of that. Are you hungry? I want to cook for you.” Woman’s voice calling out: “Hellloooo…. Anyone home?”

Mercedes & Julian-18

Julian whispers: “Who is that?” Mercedes whispers: “I have no idea.”

Mercedes & Julian-19

Julian: “Let me go and see who it is.” Woman’s voice shouting: “Mercedes!! Are you there?” Mercedes: “No I’ll go. All your clothes are outside and I think I recognise that voice.”

To be continued…