Episode 14 – Bake sale*

*Subtitles for the benefit of those would like to translate the dialogue.


One morning, Zamora and her friends were baking up a storm for the Women’s League Bake Sale…

Bake sale 1

Viola: “How many batches of cookies you think we should make Sabrina?” Sabrina: “Maybe about six.”


They were baking pies, cookies…


Bake sale 2


…muffins, and cakes and they were just getting started.


Bake sale 3


Bake sale 4

Meg: “Ok I got stiff peaks, time to ice the cakes.” Ceri: “Meg why didn’t you use the beater?” Meg: “Hmph, now you tell me.”


Bake sale 5

Zamora: “I’m really disappointed I can’t help to sell all this tomorrow.”


Bake sale 6

Sabrina: “Not to worry Zamora. The use of your kitchen is enough of a contribution to the cause.”


The next day as Zamora and Sayyid exits the supermarket they approach the bake sale, which was set up outside.


Bake sale 7

Zamora: “Ok we’re done and I am ready for cake!” Sabrina: “Which one do you want?”


Zamora scans the table…


Bake sale 7-1


Bake sale 7-2


Then makes a decision..


Bake sale 8

Zamora: “I’m craving strawberry shortcake.”


Bake sale 12

Sayyid: “Hello ladies!” Sabrina: “Hi Sayyid.” Viola: “Hello brother-in-law.”


While on the other end of the table, a customer questions Meg about the Women’s League.


Bake sale 9

Customer: “When are you having your women’s conference?”


Bake sale 9-5

Meg: “It’s biannual, so next year. Do you want to sign up?” Customer: “Yes please.”


Bake sale 10

Meg: “It’s easy, just go to cc.women.org” Customer: “Ok cool. Thanks.”


Bake sale 11

Customer: “And thanks for the cookies. Bye.”


A couple minutes later…


Bake sale 12-0-revised2

Zamora: “Is that the last one?” Sabrina: “Yes it is. Three others were sold.” Meg: “What would you like?” Gabrielle: “Hmmm…”


Bake sale 13

Gabrielle: “I’ll take some cookies and a slice of apple pie.”


Bake sale 14-revised

Zamora: “I’d also like a few of those muffins and that cinnamon roll.” Viola: “I’ll get a box.


When Zamora looked up, she noticed her friend Gabrielle on the other end of the table.


Bake sale 15

Zamora: “Hi there Gabrielle. Come to stock up?” Gabrielle: “Hey Zamora. Yes I am. He he he.”


Bake sale 16

Sayyid: “Boo, that’s a big enough slice to share.” Zamora: “No boo. Get your own.”


Bake sale 17

Sabrina: “Viola I think we need another box for this growing family.”


Bake sale 18

Viola: “We should have left everything in her kitchen and just asked her to cut a check. He he he…”

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