Episode 13 – Moving in*

*Subtitles for the benefit of those would like to translate the dialogue.


With Christmas a week away, Sayyid and Zamora have moved into their new house. Sayyid the doting husband has been charged with putting up the decorations and his friend Christopher has stopped by to assist, or maybe watch from the look things…

Moving in 1

– Sayyid: “Christopher just give me a sec, I’m almost done here.”


Moving in 2

– Christopher: “No problem man, the fellas can wait. So how were your first two days in this house?”


Moving in 3

– Sayyid: “Bro it’s been tiring. Especially with Zamora in her state. I have to do pretty much everything.”


Moving in 4

– Sayyid: “I can’t wait for the baby to come.” Christopher: “Bro don’t say that. You have no idea.”


While downstairs in the kitchen, Zamora, Viola, Sabrina and Meg unpack the last of the kitchen wares.


Moving in 5


Moving in 6

– Zamora: “I’m not ready for the baby to come yet.”


Moving in 7

– Sabrina: ” Is the nursery not ready yet?” Zamora: “No actually it’s done. I’ll show you when we finish here. I just have never gotten so pampered as I am now.”


Moving in 8

– Sabrina: “You’re the first pregnant woman I’ve heard say that. Most are anxious to see the baby or ready for the discomfort of carrying a child to end.”


Moving in 9

– Viola: “Sabrina, if you had Sayyid to wait on you hand and foot as he is currently doing for Zamora, you would be saying the same thing.”


Moving in 10

– Sabrina: “Vi, I don’t know. I had a very rough pregnancy.” Viola: “Well for mine, I wish Graham was so attentive.”


Moving in 11

– Meg: “Viola, I think my brother was a bit scared of you when you were pregnant, and maybe that’s why he fell short.”


Moving in 12

– Viola: “Oh come on. Everyone keeps saying I was intolerable when I was pregnant. I wasn’t that bad.” Sabrina, Zamora & Meg in unison: “YOU WERE!!”


Moving in 13

-Sabrina: “Viola you made us all suffer. No wonder Mead is such a handful for you. He is payback!” Zamora: “She’s right. Payback is a b&*$% ain’t it?”


They spend another hour getting everything unpacked and put away….


Moving in 14


….and when they were done they stepped back to see their handiwork.


Moving in 15

– Zamora: “Thanks ladies. It looks great!”


Satisfied everything was in order, they all trekked upstairs to see the nursery.


Moving in extras 3


Moving in extras 2


Moving in extras 1


Moving in 16

– Meg: “Oh this is sooo cute.”


Moving in 17

-Sabrina: ” So you and Sayyid did all this? Zamora: “Yes, but Sayyid mostly.”


Moving in 18

– Sabrina: “I just love this pattern.”


Moving in 19

– Zamora: “Ladies, I was thinking. The bake sale is next week, how about you all come here to do the baking?”


Moving in 20

– Viola: “Sis are you sure you are up to that?”


Moving in 21

– Sabrina: “Yeah, I mean besides your condition, you want to subject your brand new kitchen to that?”


Moving in 22

– Zamora: “I’m totally cool with it, and hey Sayyid will clean up after. He he he he…”


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