Episode 12 -Thalia Arrives*

*Subtitles for the benefit of those would like to translate the dialogue.


It’s a week before Christmas and Zola is hard at work as usual…

Thalia arrives 1

– Zola: “After several weeks of training and evaluations by the trainers the two of you are our top finalists for the pageant.


Thalia arrives 2

– Anaya: “Oh that’s wonderful!”


Thalia arrives 3-rev

– Anaya: “If both Yinka and I are finalists what do we do next?”


Thalia arrives 4

– Zola: “Well you both will have one week of final tests and a panel of my judges will decide which one of you will enter the pageant.”


Thalia arrives 5

– Yinka thinking: Battle it out to the end till the best model wins. Sadly it will ruin our friendship, but I want this more than her.


Thalia arrives 6

– Jolie: “Excuse me Ms. Welton. First sorry to be late. I’d like to add one more test.”


Thalia arrives 7

– Jolie: “As the contestant’s chaperone, I feel it necessary to add a social graces test.”


Thalia arrives 8

– Jolie: “If one of these girls win the pageant they will not only be Miss Circlez, but also a representative of our agency.” Ashley: “So true.” Jolie: “Our last Miss Circlez, Xita, exhibited little to no manners. I will not tolerate that again.


Thalia arrives 9

– Yinka: “Ms. Welton, I for one will not need to do this extra test.”


Thalia arrives 10

– Yinka: “I have impeccable manners after all I went to finishing school.”


Thalia arrives 11

– Anaya: “Personally, I don’t mind the extra test. Maybe you can swap it out with the bikini one. It’s appalling the pageant still has it.”


Thalia arrives 12

-Yinka: “Anaya there is no way the swimsuit segment will be dropped as the Miss Universe pageant still has it. Remember that is the next step after Miss Circlez.”


Thalia arrives 13

-Yinka: “That is also one of my strongest areas. One piece, two piece bring it on! You on the other hand could do with some toning in select areas.”


Thalia arrives 14

-Anaya: “I need toning? Yinka, how about you grow a butt, or implant some hair in that big forehead of yours!”


Thalia arrives 15

– Zola: “Ok ok ladies, no need to get spiteful. You must always remain respectful of each other.”


Thalia arrives 16

– Zola: “That little display alone tells me Ms. Benoit was right, social graces is lacking all round.”


Thalia arrives 17

– Zola: “Actually Ms. Benoit push back the testing for two weeks. These two need more training time.”


Thalia arrives 18

– Jolie: “Consider it done. More time to whip them into shape all round.”


Being the ever busy Energizer Bunny, Zola’s day continues with a book club meeting at her apartment. This evening the book being reviewed is Silence of the Lambs with light refreshments and a Chianti.


Thalia arrives 19


Thalia arrives 20


Thalia arrives 21

– Bianca: “Zola, you can’t say Buffalo Bill was worse than Hannibal. Come on being a cannibal is ok?” Zola: “Bianca, look at what he did to those girls. Awful!”


Thalia arrives 22

– Zola: “I still can’t believe you got me to read this book. I refused to read it at night.”


Thalia arrives 23

– Bianca: “Sorry I took you out of your comfort zone. Ashante and I though you could handle it since we covered the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and other books in the series.”


Thalia arrives 24

– Persephone: “By the way where is Ashante? She promised to bring a vegetable plate.”


Thalia arrives 25

– Bianca: “Persephone, last I heard from Ashante was this afternoon. She was busy shopping for gifts.”


Thalia arrives 26

– Zola: “Ashante is always late, you must be used to it by now. If it’s not work it’s the husband.”


Thalia arrives 27

– Persephone: “Are we still having dinner this week?”


Thalia arrives 28

– Zola: “Yes, as far as I know. Our usual gift exchange dinner before we get swept up with all the holiday festivities with family.” Phone beeps.


Thalia arrives 29

– Zola: “Excuse me, that’s my alarm.”


Thalia arrives 31

– Zola: “My sister Thalia is coming in at 9:45 on Caribbean Airlines, we still have a couple hours.”


Thalia arrives 32

– Bianca: “How nice, Thalia home for the holidays. Where is she staying?”


Thalia arrives 33

– Zola: “She will stay with me as usual. Staying with Dominique is out of the question.”


Thalia arrives 34

– Persephone: “They still fight like when we were kids?”


Thalia arrives 35

– Zola: “Girl like Tom and Jerry. He he he…”


While on a plane headed to Circlez…


Thalia arrives 36

– Thalia thinking: Always feels good to be going home for the holidays. I can smell the ham and fruit cake already.


Thalia arrives 37

– Meg: “I just love a flight with a meal don’t you?” Thalia: “Yeah it’s cool, especially as we’re in coach.”


Thalia arrives 38

– Meg: “by the way I’m Meg.” Thalia: “Nice to meet you Meg, I’m Thalia.”


Later at Zola’s apartment…


Thalia arrives 39

– Thalia: “So did you bake yet? I’m feeling a little peckish.” Zola: “No I haven’t yet. Didn’t you eat on the plane?”


Thalia arrives 40

– Thalia: “I had something, but that was a couple hours ago.” Zola: “I hope you don’t intend to eat me out of house and home this trip.”


Thalia arrives 41-rev

– Thalia: “I’ll pitch in with the groceries this time. My new line is doing very well.” Zola: ” Oh really? That’s great. Oh by the way Kieron arrives on Thursday.”


Thalia arrives 42-rev

– Thalia: “Typical Kieron to arrive on Christmas Eve. Where are we doing Christmas this year? Here or by Dominique?”


Thalia arrives 43-rev

– Zola: “Here. Breakfast and dinner.”


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