Episode 9 – A Very Long Day – Part 4*

Executive Meeting-109

Zola thinking: I am such a clutz today.

Absolutely annoyed with herself for causing such a mess, Zola steps away from the counter and grabs a towel to wipe away the smoothie from her face.

Executive Meeting-111

Zola thinking: Need to clean up quickly before Sophie and Kent arrive.

Reeking of the smell of yogurt, banana and strawberries Zola heads to the bathroom to take a shower.

Executive Meeting-112

Executive Meeting-114

After a long hot shower Zola gets dressed, pulls back her hair…

Executive Meeting-115

Zola thinking: Wonder if Kent has a girlfriend. Or kids?

Executive Meeting-116

Zola thinking: Ok let me stop thinking about Kent. Having him in my head has caused enough problems today.

… then heads back outside to face the catastrophe…

Executive Meeting-117

Zola thinking: Oh boy I dropped my phone in all the commotion.

Executive Meeting-118

Zola thinking: Looks like my sister called while I was in the bathroom.

Executive Meeting-120

Zola thinking: Darn the touch screen is not working. Oh well let me clean up.

A little later…

Executive Meeting-121

Executive Meeting-122

Executive Meeting-123

Zola thinking: I guess it’s still working.

Executive Meeting-124

Zola thinking: Maybe it’s Kent.

Executive Meeting-125


Executive Meeting-126

Zola:”Hey Dominique…Yeah sorry I missed your call…No no I wasn’t ignoring your call.”

Executive Meeting-127

Zola:”I’m not snapping at you…I just had a rough day and it still isn’t done.”

Executive Meeting-128

Zola:”You wouldn’t believe who I saw today…”

Zola proceeds to tell her sister Dominique all the details of the day.
Executive Meeting-129

Executive Meeting-130

Zola:”…I’m not quite done cleaning it all up…Yes I’ll tell Sophie you said hello when she comes for the documents. See you later in the week, love ya.”

After a few minutes…

Executive Meeting-132

Zola thinking: My ever protective nosy sister. Always wanting to hear every detail.

Executive Meeting-133

Executive Meeting-134

Zola thinking: Finally finished. All I want to do is collapse on my bed.

Executive Meeting-135

Zola thinking: Darn I guess that’s them.

Inhaling deeply, Zola prepares herself mentally to receive Sophie and Kent into her home.
Executive Meeting-136

After briefly socially over a glass of wine, or rather wine spilt by Zola, the two visitors head toward the door to make their exit…


Sophie:”Zola thanks so much for getting these documents in order so quickly.”


Zola:”Not a problem. Just be sure to make the most of the trip.”                                         Sophie:”Kent and I will make sure of that. We know the photographer’s time is precious.”


Kent:”Speaking of time we better go.”                                                                                       Sophie:”Ok then.”


Kent:”After you Sophie.”                                                                                                           Sophie:”Why thank you kind sir.”                                                                                              Zola:”What’s up with that smile on their faces. I bet they are sleeping together.”



Sophie:”Bye Zola. I’ll call you when we arrive.”                                                                           Kent:”Bye Zola.”


Zola:”Bye bye. Have a safe trip and keep an eye on our models.”                                       Sophie:”Will do.”


Kent:”We should have dinner when I return.”

When Sophie steps out in the hall Kent takes the opportunity to speak to Zola…


Zola:”Was that a question or a command?”                                                                                     Kent:”A question of course. We can go to that Italian place.”


Zola:”Kent I don’t know…”                                                                                                                   Kent:”I know you are my boss, but I think it would be nice to catch up.”


Zola:”Actually it’s not that…”


Zola:”Kent we have some unresolved issues.”                                                                               Kent:”You mean issue. My absence from our wedding.”


Zola:”How can you say that so calmly?”                                                                                           Kent:”Because I have accepted it wasn’t meant to be. I do see though that you are still affected by it and I am sorry.”


Zola:”You see that I’m affected?”                                                                                                     Kent:”Yeah, your clumsiness. It’s a dead give away.”


Zola:”Oh please. I accidentally split wine on you due to a crease in the rug.”                                         Kent:”Zola I know you and I’ve kept an eye on you all these years. You are at the pinnacle of this industry. A feat you wouldn’t have accomplished if I stuck around.”


Zola thinking: Kept an eye on me? Selfish a#@&*%!                                                                      Zola:”I think you should go, you have an early flight.”                                                                        Kent:”What about dinner?”                                                                                                                Zola:”I don’t think that would be a good idea. Please leave.”                                                     Kent:”Oh ok, Good night.”


Zola:”Good night Kent.”

As he walked out the door Zola felt all the feelings of from years ago wash over her. It took her to a place she never wanted to revisit and it steered her straight to a glass of wine.


Following her fifth or sixth glass, Zola vowed to keep Kent fully occupied with assignments and always a good distance away. She hated that he could pick up on her clumsiness and hoped that she could control herself in the future. If he was keeping an eye on her, all he would read from now on would be a cold unfeeling boss.

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The End

…for now.

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