Episode 8 – A Very Long Day – Part 3*

Executive Meeting-74

Bianca:”Hey chica!”

Executive Meeting-75

Zola thinking: I am so embarrassed. That was so unprofessional.

Executive Meeting-76

Bianca thinking: She looks disturbed.

Executive Meeting-77


Executive Meeting-78

Zola:”Yes! Oh hello Bianca.”

Executive Meeting-79

Zola:”I forgot you were coming by with lunch today, I almost ordered delivery.”

A couple minutes later they settle on the couch with their healthy lunches deep in conversation.

Executive Meeting_80-revised

Bianca:”Tell me what’s the matter Z. When I came in you were completely zoned out.”     Zola:”Kent Lowe is what happened.”

Executive Meeting-81

Bianca:”You’re joking.”                                                                                                                     Zola:”I’m not joking. He was in this office a few minutes ago. Sophie hired him.”

Executive Meeting-82

Bianca:”I see why you are so out of sorts. Your first will always have a hold over you.”   Zola:”Hmph! My first, who left me at the altar never to be seen again.”

Executive Meeting-83

Zola:”Bianca I honestly got him out of my head. Damn it’s been nearly 15 years!”

Executive Meeting-84

Zola:”I had put my life back together, I had really moved on, but the second he steps in here my body turns to jelly and I can’t stop shaking. I made a fool of myself.”

Executive Meeting-85

Bianca:”Zola I’m sure you didn’t make a fool of your self. No matter the situation you are always fully in control.”                                                                                                                             Zola:”Bianca you had to be there.”

Executive Meeting-86

Zola:”I just thought I was over him, but apparently I’m not.”                               Bianca:”Hmmmm…”

Executive Meeting-87

Bianca:”Zola I’m sorry but I have to say this. You haven’t been with anyone since Kent. I’m not surprised if you aren’t truly over him.”

Executive Meeting-88

Zola:”Bianca thanks for your honesty. It’s the reason we have been best friends like forever.”

Executive Meeting-89

Bianca:”So true, and I know you’ll figure it out cause you’re the smart one.”                  Zola:”Smart? Yes Ms. orthopedic surgeon.”

Executive Meeting-90

Executive Meeting-91

Zola:”So how is your new boy-”                                                                                                   Bianca:”STOP! We are not talking about him.”

Executive Meeting-92=

Zola:”Bianca wait I’m not quite finished.”                                                                                Bianca:”It’s time for me to get to the hospital for my shift. Can’t leave your office in a mess.”

Executive Meeting-92 1-2

Zola:”Bianca tell me what happened.”

Executive Meeting-93

Bianca:”He left me for a NURSE!                                                                                                    Zola:”Oh I am so sorry.”

Executive Meeting-94

Zola thinking:Poor Bianca and her poor choice in men.                                                           Bianca:”Zola sorry for snapping at you. I’m not ready to rehash the details of last night.” Zola:”Don’t worry it’s ok. I’ll call you later to plan the dinner for Saturday.”

Executive Meeting-95

Zola thinking: Can’t wait for a nice homemade smoothie.

A few minutes later…

Executive Meeting-96

Ashley:”Here are the documents for Ms. Fernando.”

Executive Meeting-97


Executive Meeting-98

Executive Meeting-99

Executive Meeting-100

Zola thinking: Looks like everything is here.

Minutes after seven Zola finally gets home and kicks into her usual routine of rest and relaxation after a tiring day at work. Moving around on auto pilot, she is able to maneuver around the dark apartment without hesitation and heads straight for the shower after depositing her bag and folder.
Executive Meeting-101

Executive Meeting-102

Zola:”Hey Sophie, I was expecting your call.”

Half an hour later refreshed and in the kitchen preparing a smoothie, Zola answers a call on her cell.

Executive Meeting-103

Zola:”Ok so all the models are set to leave tomorrow?”

Executive Meeting-104

Zola:”Sounds good. You’re coming by now? Alright, yes yes I’ll be here.”

Executive Meeting-105

Zola:”What did you just say? This connection is bad. Kent? What are you saying about Kent?”

Executive Meeting-106

Zola:”You said Kent is coming with you?”

Executive Meeting-107

Zola:”Yeah I guess it’s ok… How far away are you?”                                                                             Zola thinking: Oh crap! Kent is coming to my apartment.

Totally distracted by the news about Kent coming over, Zola forgets to put on the lid on the blender before hitting “BLEND”.



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    • Thanks Jaye!! You got a keen eye!!! I was hoping my readers would either notice the cover on the counter or see the blender was left open. Poor Zola’s mind was consumed with her old flame she completely lost focus. 🙂

  1. Hooray for the return of your photo stories. You are back with a vengeance – suspense, drama and the crisp, clear pictures are marvelous. Thank you.

  2. Aaaaaw!not fair! Can I just hate on you – you have managed to get me hooked in the space of three episodes! Now I cant wait for the next installment. I love it, more strength and energy to you.

  3. The kitchen looks great! I always love your attention to detail. I missed the lid not being on the blender. I was so enthralled in Zola and her conversation with Sophie about Kent coming to visit. I can’t wait for the next episode. Please hurry. 🙂

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