Episode 7- A Very Long Day-Part 2*

Executive Meeting-42

Zola:”Kent Lowe”

Executive Meeting-43

Kent:”Zola Welton in the flesh.”                                                                                                         Zola:”It surely is.”

Executive Meeting-44

Zola:”Good to see you on this side of the world Kent.”

Executive Meeting-45

Kent:”I’m really happy to see you Zola.”                                                                                     Zola:”Kent, ahhmm, so how did Sophie get you to join us?”

With slight trepidation Zola greets Kent and the moment their hands meet a warmth comes over her.

Executive Meeting-46

Kent:”Well I was kinda tired of New York and thought a change of scenery in a small island would be a good change.”                                                                                                                             Zola:”Interesting, ahh … can I get back my hand?”

Executive Meeting-48

Zola thinking: Whoa! I feel a bit dizzy.

Being swept into his deep blue eyes Zola half listens to Kent, while the warm feeling spreads over her body.
Executive Meeting-47

Executive Meeting-49

Ashley:”Watch your step!”

Executive Meeting-50

Sophie thinking: What’s wrong with her?

Then suddenly she trips…

Executive Meeting-51

Kent:”Steady there Zola.”                                                                                                                 Zola:”I’m ok, my heel just got caught in the rug.”

Executive Meeting-52

Kent:”Are you sure you are ok? You look like you’re trembling.”

She lies through her teeth, knowing full well that it was her knees that buckled.

Executive Meeting-53

Zola:”NO I AM NOT! I’m fine. Please sit.”

Executive Meeting-54

Kent:”Time is of the essence so I will get straight to it.”

Usually in control, Zola straightens her posture and tries to recapture her dignity and snaps at Kent when he only wants to help. Picking up on the tension Kent promptly takes a seat.

Executive Meeting-55

Kent:”I just secured the M-12 girls a photo shoot Thursday morning in Paris with Jean Lucas.” Sophie:”Ohh Paris!”

Executive Meeting-56

Ashley thinking: Kent looks good enough to eat!                                                                           Zola:”Ah Jean Lucas. Impressive. You will have to leave in the morning.”

Executive Meeting-57

Kent:”Do you think you can set things up to mobilize that quickly?”

Executive Meeting-58

Zola:”Not to worry. Hold a sec.”

Executive Meeting-59

Executive Meeting-60

Victor over the intercom:”Yes Ms. Welton.”                                                                                         Zola:”Victor put down your game a minute and prepare per diem for 4 models and two trainers.”

Executive Meeting-61

Sophie:”Don’t forget incidentals.”

Executive Meeting-62-revised

Zola:”Also wire about five thousand to Caiisse d’Epargne for incidentals.”                                             Victor:”Ok I’ll get right to it.”

Executive Meeting-63-revised

Emma over the intercom:”How can I help you Ms. Welton?”                                              Zola:”Emma please book six tickets to Paris on the first flight tomorrow.”

Zola then buzzes Emma at the front desk.

Executive Meeting-64

Emma over the intercom:”Is there anything else?”                                                                      Zola:”No that’s it. Thanks.”

Executive Meeting-65

Sophie:”Kent and I will go round up the girls and I’ll pass back later for the documents.”

Executive Meeting-66

Ashley:”I’ll go help Emma get things organized.”                                                                         Zola:”No problem Ashley. We are finished here.”

Executive Meeting-67

Executive Meeting-68

Kent:”Good to see the wheels turning quickly.”

Executive Meeting-69

Zola:”Efficiency is crucial in my company.”

Executive Meeting-70

Kent:”When I get back maybe we can talk about some ideas I have for the agency.”

Executive Meeting-71

Zola:”Yes that is doable. Welcome to the team.”

Executive Meeting-72

Sophie:”Are you ok? You looked a bit rattled there. Tripping and…”                                       Zola:”I’m fine, just need lunch to get my energy back.”                                                                   Sophie:”Well go get a bite to eat dear, you look a bit pale too. Call you later.”                         Zola:”Yes call me later.”

Executive Meeting-73

Zola thinking:My goodness Kent Lowe. I did not see that coming and what a mess I was.

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