Episode 6 – A Very Long Day*

*Subtitles for the benefit of those would like to translate the dialogue.

It’s a typical day for Zola Welton, meeting after meeting at Welton Inc. Running a business from the ground up has been no easy feat for Zola. The business is mainly centered around designing fashions for the couture runways and the several opulent department stores worldwide. Other businesses incorporated under her roof are a modeling agency and a magazine. Let’s look in on the meeting currently in progress.

Executive Meeting-1

Zola:”On to the next action item. We have two weeks until Xita’s farewell party, so everything has to be finalized today.”


Executive Meeting-2

Zola:”Victor what is our budget?”


Executive Meeting-3

Victor:”I’ve allocated $12,000 for this function.”


Executive Meeting-4

Zola:”Ok Deanna you have $8,000 for the food and drinks”


Executive Meeting-5

Deanna:”I’ll call Yates Catering”


Xita is the present Miss City Circlez. Her reign is coming to an end and as she is a former W Model, Zola is planning a farewell party.


Executive Meeting-6

Deanna:”What if I got a couple of our models to be waitresses in tuxes?”


Executive Meeting-7

Zola:”Yes that can work. Just ensure Sasha has a training session or two with them before the evening.”


Executive Meeting-8

Serena:”Excuse me Zola?”


Executive Meeting-9

Zola:”Yes Serena.”


Executive Meeting-10

Serena:”I’ll work with Emma on the guest list. What’s the cap?”


Executive Meeting-11

Zola:”Ahh… Let’s make it 50 guests. I’ll send you what I have so far.”


Executive Meeting-12

Zola:”Cocktails to start at 7pm, RSVP by next Wednesday.”


Executive Meeting-13

Zola:”Make sure our three top models are in attendance.”


Executive Meeting-14

Serena:”No problem.”


Executive Meeting-15

Zola:”Anything else?”


Executive Meeting-16

Deanna:”I don’t know if you will agree, but I think Romain should handle the decor.”


Executive Meeting-17

Zola:”Actually I agree. Have Delilah assist.”


Executive Meeting-18

Zola:”Ashley you got all that?”


Executive Meeting-19-revised

Ashley:”Yes Ms. Welton.”



Executive Meeting-20

Ashley:”I’ll call Romain and Delilah and get them up to spe..” Zola:”Excuse me Ashley.”


Executive Meeting-21

Zola:”Victor is that a game you are playing in the middle of the meeting?”

Executive Meeting-22

Victor:”Ahh no, I mean yes. So sorry Z, I mean Ms. Welton.” Ashley:”Tsk, tsk”

Watch out, Zola absolutely abhors disrespectful employees.

Executive Meeting-23

Victor:”My apologies Ms. Welton, this new game app is addicting and it got the better of me. It won’t happen again.”

Executive Meeting-24-revised

Zola:”Ok then. I want updates by 3, and Serena I just remembered, please take care of the crown. Meeting adjourned.”

Victor shamefully puts away the cellphone and Zola eager for the meeting to finish stands to signal the end to a long morning.

Executive Meeting-25

Ashley:”Ms. Welton, the meeting with Sophie is next.”                                                              Zola:”OK that is the last meeting for the morning. After that it’s lunch.”

Everyone except Zola and Ashley leave the office. Executive Meeting-26

Executive Meeting-27

Ashley:”Maybe you should ask Emma to send in Sophie”                                                          Zola:”Yes guess I should.”

Executive Meeting-28

Zola:”Emma is Sophie Fernando there?”                                                                                          Emma over intercom:”Yes Ms. Welton.” Zola:” Please let her in”

Zola presses the intercom to call Emma at the front desk.

Sophie Fernando, the W Modeling agency PRO, sashays in to the office with a firm agenda for this meeting.
Executive Meeting-29

Executive Meeting-30

Zola:”Zola before you start harping again about my assistant. I fired her and hired a new one.”

Executive Meeting-31

Sophie:”Actually this one is a little more than an assistant.”

Executive Meeting-32

Zola:”I’m so glad to hear, but where is she?”

Executive Meeting-33

Sophie:”On their way. They had an errand to run for me.”                                                   Zola:”When did they start?”                                                                                                    Sophie:”Don’t worry about that. I need to raise their salary a tad.”

Executive Meeting-34

Zola:”Sophie what ever for? The amount of travelling you do, exceeds your stipulated budget twofold!”

Executive Meeting-35

Sophie:”Well I don’t know about that. I do know I am travelling representing the Modeling Agency.”

Executive Meeting-36

Zola:”I can’t justify a raise, there is just too many things going on now.”                               Sophie:”Trust me this assistant deserves it.”

Executive Meeting-37

Sophie:”They were working on something for me. When they come, then we’ll know if they were successful.”                                                                                                                                        Zola:”This something better be an income generating project. If not, then a raise is out of the question entirely.”

Executive Meeting-38

Zola:”So what’s your assistant’s name?”                                                                                            Emma over intercom:”Excuse me Ms. Welton?”

Executive Meeting-39

Zola:”Yes Emma what is it?”                                                                                                                       Emma over intercom:”Ms Fernando’s assistant is here, should I send them in?”

Executive Meeting-40

Zola:”Please send her in.”                                                                                                                     Emma over intercom:”Ms Welton it’s not a …”

Slightly agitated by Sophie’s demands, Zola is a bit curt and ends the call before Emma finishes her sentence. What was she trying to say?

Then moments after Zola turns around, the answer steps through the door.

Executive Meeting-41-revised

Episode 7

8 thoughts on “Episode 6 – A Very Long Day*

  1. Great story! Who is this assistant? He is very handsome. I was wondering why she get referring to the assistant as they when Zola kept saying “her”! Bet there will be some fireworks!

    • Of course some drama has to be stirred up in the first episode (evil laugh). Poor Zola is so accustomed to Sophie and her female assistants which she has as her little lap dogs, that a male asst, never really crossed her mind as a possibility. The assistant Kent Lowe is a Subject K Color Fusion doll from the 2012 IT doll convention. He was love at first sight! My ladies just had to have this Fabio look a like in their midst.

  2. Yay! I am so happy to see City Circlez back!!! Everything looks fabulous as to be expected from you! I love love your stores! They are always so classy. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the welcome back Vickey. This feedback is great to boost my determination to present stories to the best of my ability. I will try my very best to keep this standard and higher. 🙂

  3. I have been looking forward to new episodes starting. YAY! I can hardly wait to see what the assistant had to do to justify a raise. He is good looking!

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