Episode 5 -Sayyid & Zamora’s New Home*

*Subtitles for the benefit of those would like to translate the dialogue.

It’s been a while since I’ve featured Sayyid and Zamora. They were one of the original couples on my site City Circlez.

Seven years have since passed and the now married couple have bought a new home and have been renovating for the past couple weeks. Sayyid took charge of this project due to Zamora’s present state and has brought her and Viola to see the updates.


Sayyid:”How do you like the kitchen? A few things still have to be done, but I think it’s coming along great!”



Sayyid:”See honey I made sure there is a nice spacious microwave to fit the bottle sterilizer.” Zamora:”It looks nice sweetie but…”



Zamora:”…where is the dishwasher and all the needed storage?” Sayyid:”Ahh dishwasher? I’m your dishwasher honey?” Viola:”I hope you say that when you have a tower of dishes to wash after a long day at work.”


Sayyid quickly changes the subject to entice them to come upstairs to see the other floors of the townhouse.



Sayyid:”Let me show you amount of light we are getting in the living room upstairs” Viola:”Wait how many floors does this townhouse have?”


As Sayyid guides his wife to the staircase, he curses himself for allowing Viola to tag along. His excitement for the place is waning and hopes Zamora will appreciate all the work he has put into their first investment together.


Sayyid & Zamora new home 8

Sayyid and Zamora are now on the first floor with Zamora’s sister Viola in tow.



Sayyid:”My love may I present your new living room.” Zamora:”Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Sayyid this is beautiful!! All new furniture and the colour palette is lovely!



Viola:”You had help didn’t you Sayyid?” Sayyid:”Yeah I hired Gabrielle Hawthorne to give me a hand.” Zamora:”Gabs nailed it down to the stuffed animals for the baby.”



Sayyid:”She did the bare minimum, saying you would like to like to finish it off with your own personal touches. Zamora:”Yes I would like to. Oh Sayrid this is perfect. Come ‘ere”


Zamora gives him her “I am so in love with you look” and Sayyid instantly knows what to do…he comes over and lowers down to give Zamora a kiss.



The two stay interlocked for about a minute with their spectator Viola looking on.



After the kiss Zamora snuggles up close to her husband and he takes the opportunity to lightly rub her tummy.



Zamora:”Honey I have seen enough for today. I am content with seeing just these two rooms. Furthermore I am convinced you have it all under control.” Sayyid:”It means a lot to hear you say that sweet heart after all these weeks of your insecurity about the move.”



Viola:”Sayyid you surely did good.” Sayyid:”Why thanks Viola.” Zamora:”Help me up honey, let’s go home.”


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