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If you remember from an earlier post I mentioned I am also working on a four room office structure along side the two three storey buildings. Each of the four rooms are 2 feet by 2 two feet and I have decided to use two of this rooms as executive offices, one box as a copy room and the fourth as the office kitchen. One of the executive rooms were wallpapered today and a solid black floor put in place. Another strip of paper still has to be added to the top. Can you identify what I used as the wallpaper?



Only two sides of this room as shown, will be papered, while the other two walls will be removable and given a frosted glass look. The paper stops right by the hinged door. The door has to be painted and molding strips added.






Where in my diorama room would you like to see next? Make a request and I’ll focus on it in my next post.

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  1. This new venture you are taking on is so inspirational. I have been impressed with your work for years. Your talent is just awesome. God willing, I will be following your progress on a regular basis. Congratulations on all the other wonderful changes in your life

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