Final Office Quadrant filled

Today I took some time off to relax and where did I go? My doll room of course!

I decided to tackle the last office quadrant for W Modeling Agency and FR fashion line (all will be explained when I start back my photo stories in the near future).

Two days ago I did a mock arrangement of the space…




As you can see this space formerly held the hospital room, but as no one is sick, I quickly made temporary walls from poster board covered them with this neat wrapping paper and voila! I was so thrilled when the wrapping paper turned out to be a perfect match for my Fashion Fever furniture I had been saving for quite a while. The floor are actually stickers that came with the Fashion Fever diorama boxes. I applied Tacky glue to the floor with a large paint brush and laid down the full sheet as is. It really has a nice shine, may just continue it over into the design studio next door.




Just had to add this picture of Ayumi, she looks so studious here.

As I have quite a bit of story cards from the earlier released Fashion Royalty dolls, I put them to good use again in this office space.




Closeup by Eugenia to see miniature paints, crayons and compass.

2015-03-18 22.33.17


Aerial view


Things still to work on in this office diorama:

-joint in corner to be neatened up and some more artwork on tables.

-change the screen on the laptop.

-tv will get a different screen.

-the cork board to be littered with notes etc.

-the cabinet will be hoisted up to a better height for the FR dolls, as Barbie doesn’t work here.

-Wall to be installed behind Vanessa and Ayumi.

-door jam will be fixed up.


After playing a bit in the marketing office I went over to the design studio and added a black work desk in the left corner.




Remember this picture from earlier in this post…



That’s the same desk to the right in it’s original state and pink. After some spray paint and the addition of a cork board to the back it is transformed.


Lastly I thought I’d share a quick picture of the design studio where the gals are discussing the bags on the table. In the background you can see my shoe storage has turned into spray can storage. LOL!


Thanks for visiting!

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