Windows installed etc etc

Well by now you may have guessed I am a big MyFroggyStuff fan, so it’s no surprise to see that once again I have used one of her awesome tutorials to create my windows for building two. These are not any ordinary windows as they actually can slide up and down.

Here are a couple of shots of them during construction:


Then here are shots of the windows in the two apartments


Living room and kitchen of middle apartment



Middle apartment kitchen




What are they eating?


Cheese, crackers and nuts thanks to Re-ment.

Later in the week I decided to make some no sew curtains for the windows in this apartment to give a Caribbean vibe. Gotta portray my culture here and there in my projects. Instead of hemming the edges I folded them over, ironed them with my mini iron and then glued them in place with Elmer’s school glue.





And of course a few closeup shots…because I know you are curious. 🙂16574262989_1fb615efd8_k


Used some left over material from the curtains to make the place mats seen in the picture below. Cameras and lens were purchases from eBay. Just search 1/6 scale camera.


Guy surfing the web while eating peanuts




Tea pot and an assortment of teas (from Re-ment). Sugar bowl from Mattel.



Love the next shot as you can see right through the windows to see the building across the street. 🙂



Then here a few pictures of upstairs


Living room on top floor



Bedroom on top floor


Since we are peeking in the apartments here are a few pictures of their bathrooms showing a few updates. The bathroom below got hooks installed on the walls to hang towels. and a soap holder in the corner of the shower.

Bathroom on top floor

Bathroom on top floor

2015-03-11 23.49.20

Bathroom on top floor



The middle apartment got black and white wallpaper (contact paper). Just took a quick picture of the bathroom, so I promise to post a better one soon.



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