Rooftop patio

So excited about this new project on the top of building one, the rooftop patio!!

I made a few modifications to the MyFroggyStuff wall in the swimming pool tutorial and it works perfectly. I found this graphic on the web instead of using one of her printables.


The wall definitely needs more shrubs which I will get my next trip to Michaels (in a few months), but I really like how it turned out. The picnic table is from TnT small things on Flickr, the small tree in the pot from Michael’s and the barbecue and small table from a Barbie playset. As usual the barbecue was originally pink, so it got a couple coats of black paint on the base. Haven’t decided what to do on the floor, so it will stay as bare wood for now.



Ran out of white spray paint so that’s the reason you are seeing pink furniture. LOL! This is the next corner of the rooftop patio where a couple of my NUFace dolls are hanging out with two of my favorite Barbie dogs. All the furniture seen here including the bird house are from Barbie playsets.



The middle of the patio displays the lovely little plants I collected many years ago (can’t remember the source). They are made of clay and a few of them can come out of their pots. The stands, watering can and hose mounted on the wall are from Re-ment and the extra pots on the side are from Michael’s. I have a few more accessories to put here and there, but didn’t want to put everything in only to take them out again when I finally get around to do the floor.

Here’s a close up of the flowers.


My one concern for this project is the backdrop behind the wall. Right now you can see the odds and ends I have stored on top of building two directly across from this building. I plan to do a more contemporary rooftop patio over there, but still need something for the sides. Maybe I need to paint a sky on the walls behind or make a large poster board sky backdrop. Any ideas?

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9 thoughts on “Rooftop patio

  1. Your rooftop patio is coming along great! I’m not into fashion dolls, but my 1950’s Ginny dolls are also 1:6 scale so I enjoy seeing what you do.

  2. Forgot…I have a few of those clay flowers in pots. At a craft show many years ago the lady made them right in front of me. It only took her a few minutes. It was pretty amazing.

  3. Michael’s sells rolls of the blue sky with clouds that I use behind my doll town to cover up the walls so it looks like sky and does ‘fill in’ when I am filming. This would work for you, without having to paint your walls. Also it can be taken down if you don’t like it.

    • Lisa, would you believe I have had a roll of sky for over a year now and haven’t found a use for it yet. Thanks ever so much for reminding me about it, now I have to figure out how to mount it and it have it stand up behind my very tall buildings. Thanks again!

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