Love DerPuppe!!!

Well I am always on the look out for neat things I can make for my dolls and this month I took some time to figure out the printing and assembly of DerPuppe 1:6 scale doll sized magazines. Check out the page on DerPuppe for all the past three issues.

Once I started I couldn’t stop and so made about plenty copies of each.




Then I put together a little diorama to show them off. 🙂


Picking up a few necessities


So many choices…




Ohh March issue is out..

Can’t wait for next month!

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3 thoughts on “Love DerPuppe!!!

  1. This is such a perfect diorama! I was so pleased to see it on facebook and on Der Puppe’s FB page! Her outfit is so cute, I love those little boots! I just got time to print of the magazine myself and make some too!

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