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I took a break from the apartment furnishing and moved over to create some office spaces. Do you remember this structure with the four rooms?

Stand Alone Office Structure

Stand Alone Office Structure

Well it is now completely filled. The first quadrant went to the hospital room, the second was used for the Modeling Agency reception area.

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Now the third quadrant is the Design Studio.


Gathered up lots of knick knacks including those from the previous studio diorama I built and voila!! The table and shelving units came from TnT things on Flickr. Miniatures are a mixture of Barbie stuff, Fashion Royalty and Re-ment.

Here are a few quick shots with a few modifications and the dolls standing in to test the space.




The final quadrant went to another office space.

2015-02-24 21.54.39

Empty space with only door painted

2015-02-24 21.57.24

Collecting items to fill diorama



Wallpaper is up and time for a quick play time

2015-02-23 21.59.20

Sorry it’s a bit dark, these were fast shots taken with phone.

Aerial view

Aerial view

Lots more needs to be added to this office, so stay tuned…

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 🙂

Thanks for visiting!


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    • Hi Lisa!!! Thanks I needed to preserve my sanity with all the things happening in my life so what better way but to get lost in the world of 1:6 scale!! Hope all is well with you and family!

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