Diorama Day

It’s a public holiday here today, so I took some time for me and spent it in my doll room. :):):)

First diorama I created was inspired by the tag game titled “Gotcha!” The description is as follows: Caught your doll in a compromising situation! What do your dolls secretly when they believe that no one is watching?” Took me a while to figure out what to do with this one, but one day a couple of weeks ago it hit me and only today I got time to put it together. Apologies to the faint-hearted.

The male doll is Kieron Morel from the 2014 Color Infusion collection by Integrity Toys. The two females diving for gold will remain nameless.



The next diorama was also inspired by a tag game on Flickr called “Dolls and Pets”. The description was: “Take a picture of your dolls and their pets”


This was quite a task to complete. First I had to dig up my dogs from all over the doll room. Then try to brush out their fur and brush it to the left to give the illusion of wind swooshing past. As you can see that was not completely accomplished. Next make leashes for all the dogs with various colours of ribbon at different lengths.

Dogs were then positioned and the dog walker was dressed and placed on a doll stand that can go up her pants, so it wouldn’t be visible in the photo, then lean her forward and have her hold the leashes and pray she doesn’t really get pulled forward. Ha!! She fell like ten times, so I put a bit of a glue dot under the doll stand, but that didn’t work so she ended up slightly leaning on the supermarket door. The poor pedestrian (Touch of Frost Eugenia) was next positioned and of course she wouldn’t stay, so I placed a thumbtack under and through her skirt and through the wall behind (cardboard), and that worked!

Of course as this is my blog where all my secrets are revealed, I’ll admit that PhotoShop was used. To fix the expressions on both dolls and to rub out the base of the doll stand holding up the dog walker (Color Infusion 2013 Subject B).

Next picture was really taken to test out a new light I got and to take a better picture of my post office.


The post office is complete. The set of mail boxes to the right is just a picture I copied over and over and printed on cardstock paper and glued to the wall. Not sure if I like it looking so flat, so may redo it and give it a thickness. The most tedious thing about this project was numbering each and every post box. Yup ever box to the left, on the structure behind the dolls and the wall outside the post office on the sidewalk has it’s own specific number. I got a lot of residents in this city and not everyone has home delivery of mail .LOL!

Here are a few more pictures taken earlier this month.

16054840118_04475d66d1_k 16216465266_b1e04527fd_k 15622498993_0e280cd8aa_k

I promise to take better pictures next time. It was a really overcast day when I took these shots.

Last diorama is a work in progress. The laundromat!

15844269674_85e88e68fd_k 16279353420_66151d3d16_k


Walls are still not complete and need some pictures. After that its the storefront with the window etc. to finish.

I love building dioramas!!

Thanks for visiting!



5 thoughts on “Diorama Day

  1. I saw your pics on Flickr and I tell you, I thought they were amazing. I think my favorite is the Pet picture. Thanks for sharing how you staged it. The digging for gold photo is, well, in a word, priceless!

  2. The first photo is hilarious. Kieron is certainly enjoying himself.

    The Laundromat is awesome. Where did you get the change machines? I am so sleeping on the wonderful items available for dioramas. Don’t forget the vending machine and the TV on the wall in the Laundromat. A girl needs something to do while she’s stuck there. 🙂

    • Thanks Jaye! Those are great suggestions, I didn’t even think to add a vending machine and a tv. Gonna work on that for sure. As for the change machines they came with the washer and dryers you see there. The set is from the “Barbie so much to do laundry set”.

  3. I can see why you love doing dioramas…you are so good at it! The pet walker is awesome. That guy…well in his dreams! lol The post office is so cool and detailed. That is probably the best mini laundromat I have seen!

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