Mini Market

Well, I’m back from the convention (pictures on my flickr and I’m so excited to continue my work on the City Circlez street.

Before walls can be cut I have to lay out the pieces for each room. So this week I focused on the mini market. I really wanted to do a full supermarket, but that would require way more space than what I have available, so I pulled the pieces that best fit into the area and created this layout:



Everything will be repainted, the question is what colour scheme would be best. The checkout counters are spaced apart just enough for a shopping trolley to pass through and enough space left in front for a small line of customers to be formed. The space where I cleared to take the picture through will have a small counter served by a clerk. Trying to decide whether it will be a meat counter, cheese counter or seafood counter, or a mixture of all three. The problem is I have too much stuff!! lol!

Anyway thanks for viewing and be sure to check out the new page on Tutorials.

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