Contemporary Bathroom Shower

The materials required for this project were narrow Popsicle sticks, balsa wood, a wood grain pen, craft clippers and glue.


First step was to lay out the outer frame of the shower with balsa wood coloured with the wood grain pen. No glue was used as yet. Next the rounded edges of one Popsicle stick was clipped off, then laid inside the frame,ensure the frame is exactly the width of the stick. Once the top of the frame is the right width for the sticks glue the frame in place. Next more Popsicle sticks were clipped and then painted with the wood grain pen and laid in the frame without glue. Once I filled the space completely, I noticed the Popsicle sticks or ‘planks’ were too low to the floor, so to lift them up slightly I placed unclipped Popsicle sticks within the frame. The Popsicle sticks are half the thickness of the balsa frame so when the trimmed coloured sticks are placed on top, they lay flush with the frame. Now it’s time to pick all the sticks up and glue in place.



As seen above the job is about half way complete.

Once the entire section is done I focused on the spray jets. Plastic googly eyes were spray painted silver and then black dots were added using a Sharpie pen. A shower head and lever from a Gloria playset were spray painted silver also and hot glued in place.







Please excuse the nudity of Lukas who was my test subject in the shower. 🙂

Next I took note of the length of the shower floor, measured an appropriate height for the shower and went to the hardware store to purchase a sheet of acrylic to use as the shower ‘glass’. With the measurements they cut the piece to size and all I had to do was peel off the protective covering when I got home and put in place.


To fit the glass in and to allow it to be easily removed, I held the acrylic sheet in place and anchored it on the floor and wall with strips of balsa painted with the wood grain pen. Note two strips were use on the wall to secure in place. Be careful not to get glue on the acrylic sheet as it’s useful to be able to slide the sheet out of place to position a doll or take a photo. Once again apologies for the nude Adele doll. 🙂





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6 thoughts on “Contemporary Bathroom Shower

  1. Wow! I absolutely love this shower! Is it modern and you make it sound so easy to make.

    I am planning to do a bathroom and I knew the shower would be the hardest because I want a more modern separate shower. I was worried about either trying to add a door or putting up a curtain. This open door concept is great. I’m still a tile/smooth surface type of girl, so no wood for me (although this looks tempting), but I am absolutely stealing your idea of just enough glass to keep the water inside. I also think painting the googly eyes is so creative.

    Thanks for sharing. I had been checking back for updates. Glad to see a new post.

    • Your very welcome Phyllis. I am so glad I found a use for them. My daughter causes me to buy all sorts of stuff for school projects and half the time she doesn’t use it all, so I’m glad I found another use for them other than sticking to everything all over her room. LOL!

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