New Curtains and Tag Games

Every once in a while I sit in my “diorama/doll room” and take a look around and spot a few things I keep procrastinating to complete. Last week I spotted the bare window in the Poppy kitchen and decided to get off my behind and stitch up some curtains on the sewing machine and Voila!!


This picture was posted on my and to my amazement everyone’s focus was directed to poor Dana’s behind rather than to the curtains in the window. LOL!

Speaking of Flickr, I’ve noticed lately that quite a few fun tag games have been circulating on this medium and I decided it’s high time I joined in. The first one had the requirement to post your oldest IT doll and your most recently purchased IT doll. Boy did this one really get my mind spinning! I thought of doing a coffin scene for Halloween, where the new found the old sleeping in a coffin. Hehehehe!! Then I thought about the new diving down to rescue the old in my famous bin of dolls….


Then I finally decided on the concept below:


The caption read: “My dear Isha (Something Cool) was my first ever IT doll. As she lies here in her hospital bed she suffers with ailments in the joints, because she still possesses her original body, which I believe is the first poseable IT body. The doctor attending to her is my most recent arrival Eugenia (Touch of Frost).”

Took the whole day to build this diorama. It is made up from various 1/6 army medic stuff I’ve collected over the years. Sadly I can’t put my finger on the names of the actual sets. The bed I made from foam board, balsa wood and wooden dowels plus the cool side bars are from a friend. The patient clothing was made by me and personalized by ironing on the logo for City Circlez Hospital.

Of course I had to take a few more pictures and here they are:



The next tag game was equally as fun…


(click the picture for a better view)

The caption read: “Poor Adele had no idea it was a man standing there with all that long hair. 🙂 Long hair dude-Subject J from Style Lab at IT convention 2012 Embarrassed Short Hair Lady – The Muse Adele”

Basically one had to pick a male doll in their collection with the longest hair and then a female with the shortest. I just had to do a quick skit to throw a bit of humor into it.

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  1. That is too funny! He did look like a woman from the back when I first saw the picture. Lol! Also, before reading your info, Dana’s behind was the first thing that I noticed in your picture. Lol!

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