Hair Salon

Well I must admit I have been very undecided as to what the three main businesses on the ground floor of building one would be. No matter what the post office and laundromat were necessary however the third business changed every couple weeks. First it started out as a boutique, then hair salon, then barber, then nail salon then back to hair salon. Considering the occupants of the apartments upstairs and across the street a hair salon seems to be the best option.

I moved the laundromat to the right, kept the post office on the left and put the hair salon in the middle.


Scrapbook paper in the brick pattern was used as the walls. The salon counter and sink (behind screen) were from a very old barbie salon that had pink, purple and other wildly coloured hair extensions etc. The over head hair dryer, accompanying see through chair and customer plastic covers, were from the My Scene hair salon playset. I actually have two of those My Scene salons but not enough room to lay it all out. Maybe one day the present salon owner will have enough cash for an extension or relocation. 🙂  The two stylists are wearing robes from a Silkstone barbie spa set.

The privacy screen is from a Fashion Fever living room playset and so are the shelves seen around the room.


The waiting area has chairs from an old barbie house.

Behind the screen is the shampoo station. A piece of dollhouse tiling left over from the Poppy bathroom was used as a small back splash to the sink.


The floor throughout is the same contact paper I used in the diner.



A piece of dollhouse wiring was cut and hot glued to this hair dryer. The other end still has the plug attached and its “plugged” into the wall.

A door has to be installed in the back to the “store room” and maybe another shelf on the back wall. Then it’s complete. Quite proud of myself for completing all that you see above in ONE day! :):):)

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