New Apartment in Building Two

I am tickled pink with excitement over this new apartment, the contemporary apartment. The windows are nice and tall and really let in a lot of natural light.


The look so far from outside the building:


The supermarket and diner are on the ground floor.

In a previous post, I separated the upper cabinets from the bottom units of a pink kitchen and laid them out to be repainted separately. Foam board was used to create a base because the set was way too short for the proposed tenants of the apartment (Fashion Royalty dolls).

15200226572_dc2f3bf481_k Then I searched for a pattern for glass tiles online, shrunk it down to size and then printed it on card stock paper and glued to the back wall to create the back splash as seen.

As seen below the doll no longer bounces his head on the upper cabinets as they have been mounted further back than the base cabinets (like in real life).


The counter top is made of foam board covered with printer paper and glazed over with Mod Podge. The cabinet handles are pieces of thin dowels spray painted silver and hot glued into place.


Here is the space with some furniture:




Not sure if the furniture will stay in this arrangement. Also I am contemplating putting in a wall to make a separate bedroom (bed shown in back of picture above) or leaving the space open as shown and call it a studio.

The bathroom got some attention next.


The flooring and walls are printouts from the web. The doll is standing in space for the steam shower. As you can see below I have begun work on the wood plank flooring (Popsicle sticks) for the shower.




The shower flooring will receive a slightly light stain and then it’s off to find glass or a close substitute to close up the space and appropriate fixtures for the wall.



The barbie closet was placed on the other side of the bathroom and an entry door will be installed to the left.


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