Mini Market upgraded to Supermarket

With all the goods offered for sale and the various departments within this store, the mini market is now officially a supermarket, CC Supermarket to be exact.


The most tedious task in this project is finding space for all the various types of goods for sale. For instance, I originally placed household goods and personal toiletries together on the shelves next to checkout lane two, above the magazine rack. However, as personal toiletries proved to require much more space I decided to fully dedicate the area to household goods.

The next shelf I plan to install above the snack section will house the personal toiletries.



The delicatessen needs a couple signs on the back wall, a door to the store room and maybe a small shelf, otherwise the display counters are fully stocked.



Behind household goods one can find eggs, sausages, ham and bacon, staple items for a hearty breakfast. This area also needs some signage and maybe a poster on the wall above.


Checkout lanes are open and ready for a little test run with customers





Due to lack of staffing at present one checkout lane is closed. My apologies to the customer not happy about the queue.






“Your purchase comes up to $38.90,” says the clerk.



“Do you accept American Express?” asks the customer.

“We accept all major credit cards, sir.” replies the clerk.




While the clerk bags the groceries, I’ll take the opportunity to check out the beverage section. 14965346869_afee12cc28_k


Signage is also missing here and of course cups for cold drinks or coffee. 🙂

The customer seems satisfied his purchase and heads down the street.

15161766335_3f30a793ff_kLooks like the Coca Cola diner is open. Update soon to follow.

Thanks for visiting!


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