Poppy Bedroom & En suite

My Poppy bedroom finally got wallpaper!! Basically a graphic I found and duplicated it over and over on 11″ x 17″ paper, printed then glued to the walls. 20140725_170605 20140725_170709 Door to the right leads to the bathroom, and door to its right leads to living room. 14603494738_b4b5c4e95c_oDollhouse tiles are used on the walls and also cut and fit around the shower base made from foam board. Looking at the picture now I will have to replace the toilet or raise it a tad. Just seems a bit too short.

Toilet brush with holder and package of toilet paper rolls are Re-ment. Dana’s towel is a white baby rag cut to size as seen above and sealed on edges with Elmer’s glue to stop fraying. Shower curtain is a piece of material. Will be taking it off and attaching to rod with silver jump rings instead for a more realistic look. Wallpaper is the same print out from the bedroom.

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