Kitchen in Poppy’s Pad


This is the second kitchen I am working on in City Circlez. The main counter and fridge is from Re-ment, and as shown in a previous post, both along with the double oven were hoisted to be functional for a doll the height of Poppy. Remember this?


The styrofoam raising the height for the counter and fridge was covered with black poster paper, which I may paint over grey to soften the tone of the room. There wasn’t enough styrofoam on hand, so I built a box with foam board and hot glue, to lift the double oven unit.

The silver spray painted kitchen faucet was replaced by one from a Barbie kitchen and the oven was purchased from Amazon (search for dollhouse double oven). The two shelves were purchased a long time ago from eBay under dollhouse items and I painted them in white and mounted them with hot glue. Most of the miniatures are Re-ment while the others are from past Barbie kitchen playsets.


Seems like the spray paint didn’t completely cover the pink on the chairs, so back to the spraying box they go. I haven’t decided what will be done to the floor, but I’m definitely not going to use the tiling effect used in the upstairs bathroom. It looks great, but I had nightmares where I was just cutting those one inch square tiles over and over. Lol! A simple printed pattern sealed with Mod Podge will be quite sufficient.

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