Accessorizing the first apartment

It’s such a great feeling when you have accomplished a tedious project, and I am proud to say the upstairs apartment is basically completed. A few pictures have to be hung here and there and a hand towel rack needs to be placed in the bathroom, but it’s ready for it’s tenant Ianna to move in.






Ianna wastes no time and invites her friends and niece over to the apartment.






Oh and the quick tip I wanted to share was how to make a shower curtain like the one in this bathroom. Take a retractable pole from an Integrity Toys doll stand, two silver eyelets, sheet of cloth batting and hot glue.
1. Place a doll tub snug between two walls then measure the distance between the walls (call this distance A).
2. Measure the distance you would like the curtain to hang from down to the tub. Ensure that you measure how far down you want the shower curtain to fall down into the tub (call this distance B).
3. Use distance A as the width of the shower curtain plus two inches (extra is for the gathering), and distance B as the length plus one inch (loop to fit pole) and mark onto the batting and cut out the rectangle.
4. Along distance B fold over by about half an inch and seal with hot glue, making a loop to run the retractable pole through.
5. Using the eyelets hot glue each on the opposing walls above the tub making sure they are level (I used a mini level tool to ensure this).
6. Put one end of the pole with the shower curtain into one of the eyelets then pull the retractable side so that it fits into the opposite eyelet.


Here are close-ups of the result:



Instead of tackling the huge feat of creating the back wall running the whole length of this upper apartment, my focus is moving to the lower apartment, diner and other areas in the two buildings needing attention. The lower apartment kitchen got two shelves recently, the wallpaper on the wall with the window was straightened and the window was framed.


Then out of the blue today I decided to change what the area I designated as the clothing boutique to a nail salon on the ground floor. If you remember this space was originally going to be a hair salon, but to be honest the boutique and hair salon need larger spaces, so they will go in another building I plan to add to the city. Here are test shots of the nail salon after digging into bags of beauty products. Need to find all my mini nail polish bottles.





Most of the furniture comes from the Fashion fever era. I don’t plan to repaint anything here, except for the receptionist table in the back, as the colours work for this setting. This week I have to figure out what to do on the walls.

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