Apartment railing

There are several items on my to do list for the doll room and this week I’m pleased to check off one such item, the apartment railing.

It’s made with three square balsa wood posts, two on each end and one in the middle. The top handrail is made of two balsa wood strips (top and side). The vertical balusters are bamboo wood strips. Everything is held together with hot glue as I have no patience for wood glue and clamps. Not sure if this railing will be painted, but the next project for this area is the installation of siding strips on the walls of the balcony.

Standing by the railing for sizing is my tallest male doll which is an Integrity Toys Homme male and then two barbies for scale next to him. The Stacie doll is too short to get above the railing so she decided to peer through two balusters.

As usual after finishing a project like this the dolls get some play time and a few shots are taken as seen below.

Window is from apartment living room
Trying to light the barbeque

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