Little details

For the past couple weeks I have worked on detailing the post office and here are the results:




It was great fun creating those small packages and a tedious exercise cutting those small labels and postcards. There are a few pieces still to be fitted in place on the main structure such as the tape dispenser, but I am leaving that for last.
Next area I focused on was the kitchen upstairs the post office.

The kitchen walls got papered with this bright plaid contact paper. Wooden trim is still in the mail on its way to me from the states so that still has to be added, especially around the door way.

In the January 11th post you can see this kitchen raised by layers of styrofoam. Now the styrofoam has been covered with black paper and it has a much cleaner look.


Finally I moved over to the Diner in the next building and created the stands for the booth seating. Some hot glue is visible on the center booth, but that will be hidden when the final trim is added. The table legs still have to be constructed.


See you next time.

3 thoughts on “Little details

  1. Because I am addicted to your works, I was having withdrawal pains waiting to see some more of your updates. The wait was worth it–you are so very talented. I will continue to be excited.

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