2021 Marks My Return

In the midst of PhD studies, I have started to unpack the boxes that have been sitting in storage for over five years. Occasionally I’ve taken out the dolls to play and redress, but I think I’ve truly healed and ready to return to my creative side and build dioramas and write stories. I’ve also started three different Instagram profiles. One for for the 1:6 dolls called lifecirclez, one for my Lego collection lifecirclez_lego, and finally one for my Playmobil collection lifecirclez_playmobil. Definitely go check them out.
Now here are a few shots from the new doll room.

One of four shelves being constructed

Then I couldn’t resist setting up a quick diorama of tools as I cleaned up my four room display unit.

1:6 scale tools

The few hours I spent in the doll room were truly a joy. I felt like I was opening packages that just came in the mail, filled with lots of new toys. It’s a wonder I stayed away for so long, but now I’m back in a good space, I am anxious to set everything back up and make this hopefully a permanent home for the dolls and the various other toys a collect. At the end of the day, it will be like a toy museum promising hours and hours of fun, allowing my creative juices to flow. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be posting again very soon!

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