Little improvements here and there

Elaborated a bit on the bookcase in apartment 1 by adding a third shelf and side pieces to give it a modern flair. The wood pieces were from one of those assorted balsa wood packs, already the correct width and thickness, just requiring a quick cut off the length in my miter box. When I locate some black Chinese lacquer or something similar, it will be painted.


Next I did a quick assembly of the post office. Top pieces will need another coat of white paint as I am still seeing some pink. Also signage will be added here and there. Blue sections are card stock paper folded in the original configuration as the former pieces of cardboard that came in the set (Barbie Post Office Playset). One difference is that I increased the height of each to be the appropriate height for the average 1:6 scale doll. In the background of the last post office picture is the repainted laundromat. Separating wall between the two sections will be one of the final installations.



Last area I tinkered with today was the diner. Checkered adhesive contact paper was used as the flooring.

Two boxes in the front are the table tops for the two booths I plan to build. They are actually old metal CD cases that used to come in the mail for installation of web browsers etc. I painted the sides black and laid the granite adhesive contact paper on the top.
Here is the diner from the side.

And finally a quick sketch on the picture above, illustrating what I have in mind for this side of the diner exterior.


Happy Holidays!!

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