New Photo Story Update – Gift Exchange

Finally I found some time to post a story which I photographed over the holidays… Gift Exchange. Thankfully the seasons in City Circlez are dictated by me, the author, so Christmas could even fall in May. LOL! Here are a few shots from the first episode:Gift Exchange 2016 Gift Exchange 2016 -food Gift Exchange 2016 -dessertFor those avidly following these stories I would like to thank you for your steadfast loyalty over the past year. In 2015 I devoted time on light hearted stories to ease you in and introduce you to new characters and reacquaint you with the older ones. In 2016 the drama is going to be turned up up up, so hold on to your seats and your handerkerchieves!

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9 thoughts on “New Photo Story Update – Gift Exchange

    • Thanks Phyllis, one would find it hard to believe that it takes quite a while to set up a miniature scene for Christmas. I took days to get this room ready, particularly because of the tree. As for the game, my friends and I play this every Christmas, so I thought it would be neat for my dolls to have a go at it also. I’ve come to learn not to get too attached to my gift, I have had some really nice ones stolen from me, but I try to end up with something I won’t stash in a corner, but put to good use. Hope you have better luck next year, I always hope to get number one.

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