Furnishing of 1st apartment begins

The third floor apartment is almost complete, so I decided to put in a few furnishings and accessories. The wall separating the kitchen from the sitting room remains, curtains in both windows, mounting of picture frames on wall and placement of a few more knickknacks here and there. Also the kitchen has been rearranged.


Due to limited space in this small but cozy apartment the television was mounted to the ceiling.

Then some work was done in the bathroom behind the wall.

The floor tiles are actually photo paper cut in squares and glued to the floor which got a thin coat of white paint to imitate grout between the tiles.

Then the finished bathroom floor with walls replaced.

A cabinet pull was used as the towel rack. Door frame will be painted white and door still has to be finished. The mirror was bought years ago from a craft store and it was mounted along with the sink using hot glue.


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