4 thoughts on “Another Zamora & Sayyid Photo Story

  1. This was a sweet story and I love the updates along with the pretty nursery setting. I had no ideal that Viola and Graham were still together. Are they married and how old is their child and I would like to see a photo of him. How is the lil sister of theirs like being an aunt and have she changed her bad ways of living. I can go on and on about each and every one of your characters. Can you tell I really miss your story lines and you are bringing back some fond memories of mines. I’m always looking forward to be graced with your stories.

    • HI Katinne, so good to hear from you. You surely have been following my stories for quite a while. I truly appreciate your dedication. Graham and Viola got married and had a son. Sade is still around and will soon emerge. They will all soon make their appearance in City Circlez, stay tuned. 🙂

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