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Many, many years ago a Barbie plane joined my collection of playsets. It came with cool miniatures and a neat trolley, but the plane had only two passenger seats and the interior was rather short in relation to the height of the dolls. See one here at

Recently, I needed to create a realistic interior scene of a plane and so I  took my Silhouette cutting machine to task. I created a four layered wall pattern, which would form the background to the window seats.

Here are the four patterns.


Each piece is half of a sheet of cardstock paper. If you are interested in the Silhouette pattern, email me at The sheets were stacked and glued, from sheet one to four (sheet four bottom, sheet four top). (Silhouette Website)



Side view to see layering effect

Then a piece of clear plastic like from toy packaging was cut and glued behind the window. Behind that you can pick the scenery to stick behind. I choose blue sky and clouds.


Now you have airplane windows!

The chairs are from the Barbie airplane, but I covered the seats with a cream felt material. Extra seats were obtained on eBay as I wanted the plane to have a few rows for passengers.

Maybe I should have painted the seats first before covering with felt, as you can slightly see the pink. A quick fix would be to cover this spot with those disposable head rest covers with the airline logo printed on to it.

20151207_183220-1Each window was pasted on to a pliable piece of cardboard (opened out cereal box) and then rounded forward to give the effect of the curved side of the plane.

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12 thoughts on “Airplane interior

  1. This looks amazing. The layering makes it look so realistic! I quite like your idea with the headrest covers. For the airline logo, I’d suggest very thin felt cut like placemats or something and then stick one of those fuzzy alphabet/initial stickers from the craft store on top.

    • Hi Sylvia, glad you like the layering effect. Now I need to figure out what else I can make using this technique. Thanks for the idea for the headrest covers I’m going to go dig up my craft bins as I am sure I have some stickers like that in hiding. Otherwise I will have to print the airline logo on to some printable cloth to get the effect.

    • Oh that annoying pink! LOL! I wish I could do another layer, it’s just that I’m out of felt after doing six chairs. Nonetheless I can edit it out of the pics thanks to goo old Photoshop. 🙂 Thanks for viewing! 🙂

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