New Poseable Additions to City Circlez

Well I’m on vacation again so what does that mean? Time to play in the doll room!!! 🙂

Recently I acquired four Made to Move Barbies. Two of the four dolls received new heads. One doll which came dressed in the blue top body received a very light toned African American Fashionista head and one dressed in a pink top  received a Skipper head (dolls in back row below). There is supposed to be a yellow top doll, but she is exclusive to Target and has not been released as yet. Can’t wait!!!

23278786172_81314180ce_oTheir articulation will lend to so many new possibilities for my storylines, I am so excited!!


Then my husband gave me an idea for the next shot:


See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil, Smell no evil? (I added the smell no evil…hehehehehe…)


City Circlez welcomes Meg, Tara, Cassie and Eva. Namaste!

Thanks for visiting!

4 thoughts on “New Poseable Additions to City Circlez

  1. Congrats on getting these new bodies! I agree that they are awesome. I have bought several of each body and have done quite a bit of swapping already. I did a review of them on my blog. I do wish they would get the AA version out in the stores. If you go to, she will show up, but is not available for online ordering and she is not yet available in any of the stores near me. Are they just teasing us??!

    • Hi Phyllis, Aren’t they fun? 🙂 They are truly teasing us with the delayed release of the AA version. For weeks I have been checking that same Target link, waiting rather impatiently. I’ve also put out scouts in a few states keeping an eye out for me, with the request to purchase at least two if spotted. LOL! Many of my present City Circlez residents are waiting for the body upgrade. My question for Mattel is: “When will Ken be brought up to speed with Barbie?”

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