4 thoughts on “New Photo story has been posted!

  1. The story is very interesting. I always take some extra time to look at your photos as your dios are so amazing! The detail is just phenomenal! Makes you feel like you are on a real street or in a real 50’s diner!

    • Phyllis, it warms my heart to read that you take the time to observe the details. Setting them out is more than half the fun, next comes writing the story. I really hope I can find some time before the end of the year to make a couple more new rooms to shoot the story. Thanks so much for being such a dedicated fan!

  2. You makes my heart grow fonder every time I see a new post or installment because it always takes me back to when I discovered your first little community of yours with the collaboration with some other ladies from time to time. I’m looking forward to updates on the entire gang with the Waverleys and Webley families included. I’m guilty of always lurking around to see all the great details you go above and beyond to add. I just had to speak up because you totally out do yourself and I appreciate it dearly.
    The LaRue (sisters), Viola and Zamora have a bratty lil sis Sade with drama but it looks like the Welton sisters have their hands full with Thalia and an added bonus with a brother. I can’t wait until you get back into the swing of things with the stories. As you can guess I’m a reality t.v. junkie.
    ** side note: Was there a character named Thalia that lived on the island that did some sort of cooking or catering from way back?
    I would love to have a book or something in print with all your work

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