Odds and Ends

Various items were tackled today. First I applied Goo Gone to the stickers on the pieces in the mini market, laundromat and post office. It worked beautifully, once you soak the stickers through leave them for about 10 minutes and then they slide right off leaving no residue. Each piece was then washed with soapy water and left to dry. I took a few pieces to test out a brand of spray paint and will check it tomorrow for the outcome.

Next the bathroom walls for the third level bathroom, were sized then cut. Finally decorative adhesive lining was applied as seen in the pictures below. The door was mistakenly covered, but that can be easily fixed. Next to do the trim, maybe a shelf here and there, the back wall, lighting, and other additions to achieve the “real” effect.





After my wallpapering efforts, my Re-ment food stuffs were taken out to start sorting what will be “sold” in the mini market. A huge mess was created so to give you an idea of minis, here are a few old pictures:




Fortunately there are a good bit of duplicates, so the shelves will be well stocked. Planning to change some of the labels to suit.
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3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. I so love what you have done with your layout- your minis for the market are an in incredible collection!! I have longed to do this with my dolls and their props, it is a fantastic layout and well planned. I love watching how you decorate and plan where the items go- I have always wanted to do a grocery /farmer’s market scene.

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