Windows are in!

It’s great to have this overwhelming sense of accomplishment. That’s how I felt today when I fit the shutter windows in place. Many years ago I came across this window shutter picture frame and luckily there were two, one white one navy blue. I sprayed the blue to white, but this was still insufficient so I got my local carpenter to make four more. They still have to be sanded and painted.


My future tenants were so excited with the progress they went to test them out. Windows are perfect height for either FR, Poppy or Homme.






As a reminder this is a work in progress, the thumbtacks are temporary and the exterior walls will be covered.

For the ground floor shops I began to put in the walls for the post office. The little cantilever roofs I pulled off old Barbie bake shops and they will be repainted and a sign inserted in the center. Have not decided whether I will be putting doors under these small roofs or leaving it empty and making rolling pull down doors for after hours.

Here are some shots from the other side of the wall.





Of course the wooden frame of the windows seen in the interior will be covered with wallpaper.

Hope you enjoyed this update as much as I did. See you soon!

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