Lighting up the apartments Part 1

The day I decided to build apartment building structures…

Section A without base-1

…instead of single rooms with an open roof…

Stand Alone Office Structure


…I knew there would be an issue of lighting the rooms once complete.

I searched several sites and tried out items like watch battery led lights to flashlights to push button closet lights and then finally just shone photo lights into the rooms but to date nothing does the job quite right. My last test involved the photo lights and this is the effect without Photoshop:



Way too bright in certain areas and dark in other spots like instead the kitchen. Even after Photoshop there wasn’t much improvement:


I continued to test out the photo lights with a closeup:


The picture did not improve. So I headed to the apartment downstairs to test these photo lights in another room:


The room looks nice an bright and cheery and much improved from the shots from upstairs, so the photo lights could work here. The picture quality can only improved further when I hit the jackpot and get a new camera. 🙂

So a solution has to be found with the upstairs apartment’s dark corners. And I think I finally found the perfect solution, LED strip lights. I bought these some time ago and it may help the situation greatly.

Stay tuned when I post part two to this post where I will go through step by step of the installation of the LED strip lights.

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  1. The strip lights should work well. That’s what I’m planning to use (as much as I can) when I get to my apartments. I’ve been looking and looking, so it will be cool to see how yours work out.

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