Giving dolls a character

For those of you who write doll stories, there is some considerable time devoted to assigning a character for each doll. In my doll room it starts with a face. The more unique the doll the higher the likelihood that they will be giving a starring role. The body comes next. If the doll is being designated a leading role then they undergo a body swap to the most flexible type available. These days barbies are given a Made to Move (MTM) body once one is available with the matching skin tone. Yes I have invested in numerous of MTM bodies to accommodate this step. After that a name is assigned then a profession. Families and relations are formed and then it just flows from there.

Here are a couple shots of some dolls I have rescued from the storage boxes, cleaned, and dressed. Barbies get first preference of course, as they started this hobby of mine, over 30 years ago. In the coming weeks the fashion royalty dolls will be next.