Doll room cleanup ongoing

Looks like a total absolute mess in here. Try not to judge, just think in time this place is going to look amazing. Lol! That’s my silent mantra every time I step into this room.

Emptying bins and bins of playsets and accessories and sorting them on the shelves.
Vehicles to clean and hundreds of dolls to rescue.
Extra large zip lock bags used to protect clothes and fashion royalty dolls from mould. Downside of a basement doll room is the room has a high humidity level, dehumidifier runs 24-7.

During this phase it’s also cool to find purchases from twenty years ago. Not just dolls or their accessories, but the marketing booklets, brochures and even instruction booklets.

Check out the new page I created just for that…Marketing Paraphernalia & Instruction Sheets

Simple Joys from Doll Collecting

If you’ve been collecting dolls for quite some time on occasion you come across things hidden away that makes an ordinary day feel like Christmas. That happened for me today when I found an doll shipper box and opened it up to find a brand new doll. A doll I have no recollection buying, and boy she is a beauty!! I was so clueless about the purchase of this doll that I had to use Google to find her name. Thankfully I hadn’t forgotten the face mold and Googled: “Agnes green fashion royalty.”

Meet 2017 Riviera Drama Agnes Von Weiss, who is presently displayed on my bedside table.

Agnes in green one-shoulder jumpsuit

This doll is amazing, with her pink clutch, simple jewelry, and wedge heels. I can’t wait to redress her downstairs in the doll room, pose her in the upcoming new sets, give her a name, and a character in the doll stories. This also means Agnes Group Shot!!!! I promise to post one soon.

Now another cool thing about returning to the doll room, is the purchasing of items on the top of my wish list which I missed and ripping open packages from the mail. Today I welcomed to the fold Fashion Royalty Le Tuxedo Eugenia Perrin-Frost and Barbie convention luggage. I’m a sucker for luggage, and I’ve missed all the cute pieces over the years coupled with Integrity Toys dolls, so when I saw this one on eBay I couldn’t resist.

Le Tuxedo Eugenia and Barbie convention luggage

One disappointing thing is that there are no clasps on the luggage, but they snap shut. The cool clear acrylic hangers compensate however, and I wish I could find a source for some more as the set only comes with four. The two garment bags are also pretty cool, especially as don’t have any in my doll collection (or human size collection, lol!). I plan to turn them inside out and make a pattern to sew longer black ones. Imagine a men’s suit in a garment bag swung over his shoulder walking to catch a flight. So many possibilities and so little time. Oh how I’ve missed these simple joys that this hobby brings. Have fun in your little worlds!!!

2021 Marks My Return

In the midst of PhD studies, I have started to unpack the boxes that have been sitting in storage for over five years. Occasionally I’ve taken out the dolls to play and redress, but I think I’ve truly healed and ready to return to my creative side and build dioramas and write stories. I’ve also started three different Instagram profiles. One for for the 1:6 dolls called lifecirclez, one for my Lego collection lifecirclez_lego, and finally one for my Playmobil collection lifecirclez_playmobil. Definitely go check them out.
Now here are a few shots from the new doll room.

One of four shelves being constructed

Then I couldn’t resist setting up a quick diorama of tools as I cleaned up my four room display unit.

1:6 scale tools

The few hours I spent in the doll room were truly a joy. I felt like I was opening packages that just came in the mail, filled with lots of new toys. It’s a wonder I stayed away for so long, but now I’m back in a good space, I am anxious to set everything back up and make this hopefully a permanent home for the dolls and the various other toys a collect. At the end of the day, it will be like a toy museum promising hours and hours of fun, allowing my creative juices to flow. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be posting again very soon!