Shoe Closet Tutorial

I’m sure you have seen the Barbie Wardrobe Closet and seen the price. It’s sold out on and I nabbed four when they went on sale, but they still do not offer enough storage space for the clothes, bags, accessories and shoes for the dolls.

Speaking of shoes, yesterday I went through my Poppy shoes and had to make quite a bit of repairs to the heels using super glue, then wondered where is a better place to store them than a Ziploc bag.

2016-03-11_01-36-50My solution was to build a closet. Taking foam board, one side of a Fashion Royalty doll box, some T-pins, a pencil,  a metal ruler and a sharp craft knife, then a doll shoe closet was created within 30 minutes.

2016-03-12 12.19.00

Fashion Royalty box




Pencil, foam board and craft knife

First I measured a piece of foam board to fit snuggly inside the box, then marked off the depth of the box and took that measurement and marked out at least 4 more. Next they were cut out using the craft knife and a metal ruler.

2016-03-12 12.19.30

20160311_144713Then each shelf was positioned inside the box with a shelf below to use as a spacer and leveler then secured with two T-pins on each side.


Using a cut shelf as a level for placement of another shelf.

Continue doing this until you have placed all the shelves in the box. To make each shelf secure you could choose to put glue on the ends before securing with the T-pins, but I chose not to in case I wanted to change the spacing of the shelves later. Here is what the shelf looks like.

20160311_150430When I have chosen the right paper I will remove each shelf then cover with paper then put them back in the box. I figured I will make more of these so I need to see if I have enough paper to cover the lot. Here is another picture of the shoe closet with the Poppy shoes.

20160311_153651-1This same technique can be tweaked to make a clothes closet for the dolls. For the rod I inserted a dowel about two inches from the top, by piercing a hole into the box on either side. One shelf was placed at the top and then two below using the same method as described.

2016-02-20_09-02-232016-02-19_08-08-19Oh yeah by the way Zamora and Sayyid’s master bedroom is complete, including a nice space closet for them to share. The closet door was made mainly with foam board and scrapbook paper. The tutorial for the closet door will be posted at a future date.

This closet was inserted into the cardboard wall at the back and secured with tape.


Feel free to ask any questions for further clarification on this tutorial.

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