Translation of Photo stories

As my photo stories have embedded speech balloons, those speaking languages other than English are unable to read the conversations.

So in an effort to make my stories translatable I will now add the conversations in the speech bubbles as captions to each photo. Once you have enabled translation of the web page, these captions will be translated to your preferred language.

For example:


Farrah:”Oh sorry let me move that.”

Photo stories that have been amended will have an asterisk (*) by their title.

Stories that have this new feature are: Shriek! Episode 1 and 2. Other’s will be included over the next couple weeks.

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Convention news

It’s been a couple weeks since I came back from the convention, but I had quite a bit of work to complete before devoting some time to dolls.

The five days in Long Beach were glorious and the doll loot was amazing!


First three dolls de-boxed first day. Male doll is holding the table mate gift bags.


Each gift bag had a schedule book and crochet bikini. All items were made by me.


Adele, Nadja and Dominique. My top three favs.


All the guys received.

The following are the items I bought from room sales, actually just from one room. My guilty pleasure…miniatures in 1:6 scale.


Miniature Fifty Shades of Grey books


Miniature magazines


Miniature George R. R. Martin books (Game of Thrones)

Miniature Twilight books

Miniature Twilight books

Miniature Harry Potter books and other titles.

Miniature Harry Potter books and other titles.

Miniature shopping bags (small)

Miniature shopping bags (small)

Miniature shopping bags (large)

Miniature shopping bags (large)

Ladies testing out the shopping bags

Ladies testing out the shopping bags

Then time for a little play time. The females were redressed and coupled off…


22408423046_54c082d231_o Nadja is wearing a one piece pants suit bought at the Friday bazaar.


Agnes is wearing Adele’s outfit.




All the dolls

Along with getting all these new dolls to add to my collection this convention was well spent attending workshops and of course catching up with fellow collectors. I enjoyed my little vacation and I look forward to attending the one next year in Chicago. For pictures of competition dolls, feel free to visit my Flickr IT Convention 2015 Album

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