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It’s great when I can devote an entire week to my doll room and take a break from life. The time was spent updating the townhouse (plastic shelf) for Sayyid and Zamora. The left wall in the kitchen got wallpaper and the entire room got a trim near the ceiling.

20150727_191538 20150727_191555

My time was also spent creating a new mini story “Sayyid & Zamora’s New Home”. The story is centered around the construction of their home and features the updated living room with furniture from Magals (online 1:6 furniture store which closed). It’s scantily furnished until Zamora officially moves in.

Here is a picture of both floors at present:


Next floor is the nursery and bathroom. I have no choice but to split the floor in two as the final floor on top will be the master bedroom.

For those wondering when I will be back to publishing regular photo stories I can tell you the day is fast approaching. Consider these little mini stories as the introductions to the characters of the present day City Circlez, seven years after my hiatus.

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Construction of the Rultan home

It’s been seven years since Zamora and Sayyid Rultan got married and since then they have been living in the same one bedroom house. For those who have read my past photo stories on City Circlez this couple are familiar to you just as their home:

Picture from a previous story

Picture from a previous photo story on

Picture from a previous photo story on

Picture from a previous photo story on

They have outgrown this cozy home for two especially as Zamora is expecting their first child. To accommodate the growing family Sayyid has bought a modest two bedroom home and has undertaken all the renovations.

First room is the kitchen seen below:


As you can see a few tidbits have put in the kitchen already (I couldn’t resist playing a bit)


The kitchen is from a past Barbie playset and of course I had to kitbash it a bit by removing a pink counter which ran around the stove plus repainting couple areas in silver.


Stove burners accentuated with metallic silver pen


Fridge handles repainted


Cupboard handles and molding repainted


Sink faucet repainted


Microwave buttons repainted (will get to butterfly decoration eventually)


Pot rack repainted

Next the holes for the windows were cut out of the cardboard walls surrounding the four tier plastic shelf and the windows fitted in. The windows were bought many years ago from Michael’s craft store and really are for a smaller scale dollhouse.


Then the windows are framed with thin popsicle sticks and the scrap paper is permanently adhered to the walls. Apartment 1

With kitchen components in place:



The little cabinet is from Re-ment and is being repainted before I mount it on the wall. Next the door to the left is tackled.

The door was obtained from an online site years ago which sold prefabricated 1/6 scale doors and windows. The downfall of the doors is that it is just tall enough for Barbie and Ken but not for Integrity Toys dolls (except Poppy). It came unpainted so I gave it two coats of white paint and then cut a hole to fit the frame in the wall and glued it in. Later on I will cut out a piece of clear acrylic of clear plastic from doll packaging as the glass in the top window area. Now to find some door handles and maybe a lock then a small step inside and outside.




Upstairs will be the living room. I feel sorry for the couple having to climb steps to get to each room of this townhouse.


Windows temporarily installed as the windows need to be taken out to be painted white. Then the wallpaper has to be chosen out by Zamora. 🙂

Here is Zamora’s sister Viola posing to give a sense of scale.


So I think its time to head back to the doll room to work on this project a bit more. Here is a shot of both floors under construction, with another two floors to follow.


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Lighting up the apartments Part 2

The following post outlines the steps to lighting up my doll apartment using LED strip lights. This is a continuation from my previous post Lighting up the apartments Part 1.

Below are the contents of the kit I purchased from Amazon plus a separate purchase of connectors (in the zitrades packet)


First step is to take the roll of lights and cut off the length of lights needed. They are arranged in multiples of three. As you see below there are three lights between each copper junction. Its across the copper junction that you have to cut, whether its three or six lights at a time, once its a multiple of three.

I cut the first three off the roll which has the power connection attached and then another set of three, as my rooms need about two strips due to the size. 20150625_085159

Below is a close up of the copper junction after it has been cut.


The next step is to expose the copper by peeling back the plastic coating.


As you can see just enough plastic is cut back to expose only the copper leads.20150625_085336Next step is to connect the newly cut light strip to an LED connector so two sets are along one circuit.

First picture below shows the connector closed and the following one shows it open with the led lights pushed into the connector.








Once the two sets led lights are secured by the connector this is how it looks.

20150625_090324The end with the power cord is then attached to the power outlet.



Now its ready to be mounted on the ceiling of the room. The lovely thing is on the back of the lights there is an adhesive, just peel back the paper and stick.

This is what the ceilings look like:



The lights really give that much needed light in the dark corners of this apartment and they are very easy to operate with the included remote. The lights can be dimmed, made to flicker in four different settings like a Christmas tree or discotheque, or they can change colour.


I hope this little tutorial inspires you to tackle this little lighting project. The LED lights are effective, the one drawback though is that there should be more led strips with the power cord end to facilitate installation in multiple rooms. The only way round this hindrance is to buy more kits, which I will be doing anyway.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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