Final Office Quadrant filled

Today I took some time off to relax and where did I go? My doll room of course!

I decided to tackle the last office quadrant for W Modeling Agency and FR fashion line (all will be explained when I start back my photo stories in the near future).

Two days ago I did a mock arrangement of the space…




As you can see this space formerly held the hospital room, but as no one is sick, I quickly made temporary walls from poster board covered them with this neat wrapping paper and voila! I was so thrilled when the wrapping paper turned out to be a perfect match for my Fashion Fever furniture I had been saving for quite a while. The floor are actually stickers that came with the Fashion Fever diorama boxes. I applied Tacky glue to the floor with a large paint brush and laid down the full sheet as is. It really has a nice shine, may just continue it over into the design studio next door.




Just had to add this picture of Ayumi, she looks so studious here.

As I have quite a bit of story cards from the earlier released Fashion Royalty dolls, I put them to good use again in this office space.




Closeup by Eugenia to see miniature paints, crayons and compass.

2015-03-18 22.33.17


Aerial view


Things still to work on in this office diorama:

-joint in corner to be neatened up and some more artwork on tables.

-change the screen on the laptop.

-tv will get a different screen.

-the cork board to be littered with notes etc.

-the cabinet will be hoisted up to a better height for the FR dolls, as Barbie doesn’t work here.

-Wall to be installed behind Vanessa and Ayumi.

-door jam will be fixed up.


After playing a bit in the marketing office I went over to the design studio and added a black work desk in the left corner.




Remember this picture from earlier in this post…



That’s the same desk to the right in it’s original state and pink. After some spray paint and the addition of a cork board to the back it is transformed.


Lastly I thought I’d share a quick picture of the design studio where the gals are discussing the bags on the table. In the background you can see my shoe storage has turned into spray can storage. LOL!


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W Modeling Agency Update

Spent some time finishing up the W Modelling Agency’s CEO office. Still need to work on the door a bit and decide on the plants for the space. Here are a few quick behind the scene shots a took one night this week…


The three pictures on the wall are actually story cards which came with the dolls. In this agency they are the three main spokespersons.



Can you see the little “W” pin on the secretary’s dress? Wish the W Club still made these, I would buy a bunch for my modeling agency employees. At present I also have a matching belt buckle and pendant.

The green table lamp in the picture below actually works. It came from a 1:6 scale German army desk set from eBay. 20150311_192751





Also took some quick shots in the day. Love how the natural light comes through the large window. 2015-03-11 23.52.56

When the CEO stepped away I took a shot of the logo. It’s actually the W Club “W” which I recreated on my computer and cut out of silver foil using my Silhouette machine.


That’s it for now. On to the next project in this city.

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Windows installed etc etc

Well by now you may have guessed I am a big MyFroggyStuff fan, so it’s no surprise to see that once again I have used one of her awesome tutorials to create my windows for building two. These are not any ordinary windows as they actually can slide up and down.

Here are a couple of shots of them during construction:


Then here are shots of the windows in the two apartments


Living room and kitchen of middle apartment



Middle apartment kitchen




What are they eating?


Cheese, crackers and nuts thanks to Re-ment.

Later in the week I decided to make some no sew curtains for the windows in this apartment to give a Caribbean vibe. Gotta portray my culture here and there in my projects. Instead of hemming the edges I folded them over, ironed them with my mini iron and then glued them in place with Elmer’s school glue.





And of course a few closeup shots…because I know you are curious. 🙂16574262989_1fb615efd8_k


Used some left over material from the curtains to make the place mats seen in the picture below. Cameras and lens were purchases from eBay. Just search 1/6 scale camera.


Guy surfing the web while eating peanuts




Tea pot and an assortment of teas (from Re-ment). Sugar bowl from Mattel.



Love the next shot as you can see right through the windows to see the building across the street. 🙂



Then here a few pictures of upstairs


Living room on top floor



Bedroom on top floor


Since we are peeking in the apartments here are a few pictures of their bathrooms showing a few updates. The bathroom below got hooks installed on the walls to hang towels. and a soap holder in the corner of the shower.

Bathroom on top floor

Bathroom on top floor

2015-03-11 23.49.20

Bathroom on top floor



The middle apartment got black and white wallpaper (contact paper). Just took a quick picture of the bathroom, so I promise to post a better one soon.



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Rooftop patio

So excited about this new project on the top of building one, the rooftop patio!!

I made a few modifications to the MyFroggyStuff wall in the swimming pool tutorial and it works perfectly. I found this graphic on the web instead of using one of her printables.


The wall definitely needs more shrubs which I will get my next trip to Michaels (in a few months), but I really like how it turned out. The picnic table is from TnT small things on Flickr, the small tree in the pot from Michael’s and the barbecue and small table from a Barbie playset. As usual the barbecue was originally pink, so it got a couple coats of black paint on the base. Haven’t decided what to do on the floor, so it will stay as bare wood for now.



Ran out of white spray paint so that’s the reason you are seeing pink furniture. LOL! This is the next corner of the rooftop patio where a couple of my NUFace dolls are hanging out with two of my favorite Barbie dogs. All the furniture seen here including the bird house are from Barbie playsets.



The middle of the patio displays the lovely little plants I collected many years ago (can’t remember the source). They are made of clay and a few of them can come out of their pots. The stands, watering can and hose mounted on the wall are from Re-ment and the extra pots on the side are from Michael’s. I have a few more accessories to put here and there, but didn’t want to put everything in only to take them out again when I finally get around to do the floor.

Here’s a close up of the flowers.


My one concern for this project is the backdrop behind the wall. Right now you can see the odds and ends I have stored on top of building two directly across from this building. I plan to do a more contemporary rooftop patio over there, but still need something for the sides. Maybe I need to paint a sky on the walls behind or make a large poster board sky backdrop. Any ideas?

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Love DerPuppe!!!

Well I am always on the look out for neat things I can make for my dolls and this month I took some time to figure out the printing and assembly of DerPuppe 1:6 scale doll sized magazines. Check out the page on DerPuppe for all the past three issues.

Once I started I couldn’t stop and so made about plenty copies of each.




Then I put together a little diorama to show them off. 🙂


Picking up a few necessities


So many choices…




Ohh March issue is out..

Can’t wait for next month!

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