IT Convention 2014 Update

After almost barely missing the registration today, due to a delayed flight I thankfully got in the Toys shop and made a couple purchases.
Cold Shoulder Eugenia × 2 (one for me and one for hubby who is putting it up for sale)


Her jewelry and shoes



Then two grab bags which to my surprise were Minx from the Stingers (with keyboard) and High Brow Adele which came with a Monogram outfit. This had me bouncing with glee as I didn’t have any of these items.




Now the sad news… I was all ready to purchase Natalia and Wild Thing Poppy, but learnt they are still stuck in customs! Same for the Color Infusion dolls! Bummer! An update on their status will be given tonight.
In the meantime I’m going to do a little doll redressing and then get ready for the first dinner.
Another update will follow…

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Off to Convention

My bags are packed and I’m ready to catch the plane to the USA. First hubby and I stop off for a few days in New Orleans and get some of that southern flavour. Then immediately after we head over to Orlando Florida for the 2014 IT doll convention!! Whooohooo! So very excited as I cant wait to see the new dolls and other goodies. To commerate the occasion here are a few pictures of my doll Ianna packing for the trip.




I will try my best to post pictures at the convention. 

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New Curtains and Tag Games

Every once in a while I sit in my “diorama/doll room” and take a look around and spot a few things I keep procrastinating to complete. Last week I spotted the bare window in the Poppy kitchen and decided to get off my behind and stitch up some curtains on the sewing machine and Voila!!


This picture was posted on my and to my amazement everyone’s focus was directed to poor Dana’s behind rather than to the curtains in the window. LOL!

Speaking of Flickr, I’ve noticed lately that quite a few fun tag games have been circulating on this medium and I decided it’s high time I joined in. The first one had the requirement to post your oldest IT doll and your most recently purchased IT doll. Boy did this one really get my mind spinning! I thought of doing a coffin scene for Halloween, where the new found the old sleeping in a coffin. Hehehehe!! Then I thought about the new diving down to rescue the old in my famous bin of dolls….


Then I finally decided on the concept below:


The caption read: “My dear Isha (Something Cool) was my first ever IT doll. As she lies here in her hospital bed she suffers with ailments in the joints, because she still possesses her original body, which I believe is the first poseable IT body. The doctor attending to her is my most recent arrival Eugenia (Touch of Frost).”

Took the whole day to build this diorama. It is made up from various 1/6 army medic stuff I’ve collected over the years. Sadly I can’t put my finger on the names of the actual sets. The bed I made from foam board, balsa wood and wooden dowels plus the cool side bars are from a friend. The patient clothing was made by me and personalized by ironing on the logo for City Circlez Hospital.

Of course I had to take a few more pictures and here they are:



The next tag game was equally as fun…


(click the picture for a better view)

The caption read: “Poor Adele had no idea it was a man standing there with all that long hair. 🙂 Long hair dude-Subject J from Style Lab at IT convention 2012 Embarrassed Short Hair Lady – The Muse Adele”

Basically one had to pick a male doll in their collection with the longest hair and then a female with the shortest. I just had to do a quick skit to throw a bit of humor into it.

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Hair Salon

Well I must admit I have been very undecided as to what the three main businesses on the ground floor of building one would be. No matter what the post office and laundromat were necessary however the third business changed every couple weeks. First it started out as a boutique, then hair salon, then barber, then nail salon then back to hair salon. Considering the occupants of the apartments upstairs and across the street a hair salon seems to be the best option.

I moved the laundromat to the right, kept the post office on the left and put the hair salon in the middle.


Scrapbook paper in the brick pattern was used as the walls. The salon counter and sink (behind screen) were from a very old barbie salon that had pink, purple and other wildly coloured hair extensions etc. The over head hair dryer, accompanying see through chair and customer plastic covers, were from the My Scene hair salon playset. I actually have two of those My Scene salons but not enough room to lay it all out. Maybe one day the present salon owner will have enough cash for an extension or relocation. 🙂  The two stylists are wearing robes from a Silkstone barbie spa set.

The privacy screen is from a Fashion Fever living room playset and so are the shelves seen around the room.


The waiting area has chairs from an old barbie house.

Behind the screen is the shampoo station. A piece of dollhouse tiling left over from the Poppy bathroom was used as a small back splash to the sink.


The floor throughout is the same contact paper I used in the diner.



A piece of dollhouse wiring was cut and hot glued to this hair dryer. The other end still has the plug attached and its “plugged” into the wall.

A door has to be installed in the back to the “store room” and maybe another shelf on the back wall. Then it’s complete. Quite proud of myself for completing all that you see above in ONE day! :):):)

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New Apartment in Building Two

I am tickled pink with excitement over this new apartment, the contemporary apartment. The windows are nice and tall and really let in a lot of natural light.


The look so far from outside the building:


The supermarket and diner are on the ground floor.

In a previous post, I separated the upper cabinets from the bottom units of a pink kitchen and laid them out to be repainted separately. Foam board was used to create a base because the set was way too short for the proposed tenants of the apartment (Fashion Royalty dolls).

15200226572_dc2f3bf481_k Then I searched for a pattern for glass tiles online, shrunk it down to size and then printed it on card stock paper and glued to the back wall to create the back splash as seen.

As seen below the doll no longer bounces his head on the upper cabinets as they have been mounted further back than the base cabinets (like in real life).


The counter top is made of foam board covered with printer paper and glazed over with Mod Podge. The cabinet handles are pieces of thin dowels spray painted silver and hot glued into place.


Here is the space with some furniture:




Not sure if the furniture will stay in this arrangement. Also I am contemplating putting in a wall to make a separate bedroom (bed shown in back of picture above) or leaving the space open as shown and call it a studio.

The bathroom got some attention next.


The flooring and walls are printouts from the web. The doll is standing in space for the steam shower. As you can see below I have begun work on the wood plank flooring (Popsicle sticks) for the shower.




The shower flooring will receive a slightly light stain and then it’s off to find glass or a close substitute to close up the space and appropriate fixtures for the wall.



The barbie closet was placed on the other side of the bathroom and an entry door will be installed to the left.


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Poppy Apartment

The Poppy’s bedroom is basically complete minus the window treatments and carpet on floor.


Here some friends have come over to watch tv.



The door to the bathroom needs to be completed. It should not have the wallpaper showing as is.


The living room is complete, although I see some wainscoting to the side needs some repair.


Kitchen is also pretty much done, although I am procrastinating over the ideal window treatment and lifting of the cabinet behind the doll (Skylar).

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Coca Cola Diner

The diner is proving to be a real hot spot in City Circlez. So much so it was necessary to have a fan installed. 🙂



Years ago I received a car air freshener from a fellow doll collector (Thanks Genielinda!!) and now it was finally put to use as the base for the ceiling fan.14975233258_b5be261c99_k The shape of the blades were hand sketched on to a piece of cardboard from a cereal box. Then they were cut out, painted and hot glued onto the blades of the air freshener.


The fan was then positioned on the ceiling and glued in place (with hot glue of course). The ceiling is yet to be painted or covered with paper, haven’t decided which as yet.

In the meantime let’s play!






“Pancakes or omelette?”









Oops looks like one booth needs some repair. However I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the diner. Time for some behind the scenes shots.


The door to the kitchen is finished and has the cute little peek through window. Next to it stands the “order up” shelf with a printout of a kitchen stuck behind for “effect”. One day I’ll build the real kitchen.


Finally behind the diner counter.



Soda jerk for hire!!

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Mini Market upgraded to Supermarket

With all the goods offered for sale and the various departments within this store, the mini market is now officially a supermarket, CC Supermarket to be exact.


The most tedious task in this project is finding space for all the various types of goods for sale. For instance, I originally placed household goods and personal toiletries together on the shelves next to checkout lane two, above the magazine rack. However, as personal toiletries proved to require much more space I decided to fully dedicate the area to household goods.

The next shelf I plan to install above the snack section will house the personal toiletries.



The delicatessen needs a couple signs on the back wall, a door to the store room and maybe a small shelf, otherwise the display counters are fully stocked.



Behind household goods one can find eggs, sausages, ham and bacon, staple items for a hearty breakfast. This area also needs some signage and maybe a poster on the wall above.


Checkout lanes are open and ready for a little test run with customers





Due to lack of staffing at present one checkout lane is closed. My apologies to the customer not happy about the queue.






“Your purchase comes up to $38.90,” says the clerk.



“Do you accept American Express?” asks the customer.

“We accept all major credit cards, sir.” replies the clerk.




While the clerk bags the groceries, I’ll take the opportunity to check out the beverage section. 14965346869_afee12cc28_k


Signage is also missing here and of course cups for cold drinks or coffee. 🙂

The customer seems satisfied his purchase and heads down the street.

15161766335_3f30a793ff_kLooks like the Coca Cola diner is open. Update soon to follow.

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