Various updates

First up is the shared Poppy bedroom. Above the two beds are decorative note boards with miniature pictures of the girls adventures displayed. The middle of the wall is a wooden decorative piece I found at a craft store and painted with black acrylic paint.




The side walls will be decorated when I figure out what to put there. 🙂


Poppy loves the new iPad which I got off of that auction site a while back. I love to keep my dolls supplied with the latest technology.


Found a little side table (Mattel) hanging around and decided to paint it over in a ‘pickled’ style (another coat of paint will be applied to finish it up). The frame and the book below the table is from Mattel, the clock is Re-ment, the book I made and the elephant is actually an incense holder.




I used a shelf like those from the Poppy kitchen for the girls to rest their TV and other knick-knacks (TV, video camera, camera, scarves and hats from Mattel, books from craft store and clock from Re-ment). The hooks below the shelf are paper fasteners I hot glued to shelf and bent upwards.

2014-09-01 21.29.00

The shower fixtures are now installed in the girls bathroom. They came from a Gloria shower playset and were spray painted silver. I really like how it turned out, especially the soap holder. Can you see the little orange soap?

The mirror and lights from the set the sink came with were also put in place.

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The supermarket (no longer mini market :)) is coming along slowly. Shelves are stocked, but putting in the finer details are proving tedious. 20140902_191235

There are now pictures on the walls advertising the items available for sale. My male doll here is standing in so I can determine whether the shelves etc are the right height. Seems to me the back wall shelves need to be hoisted a tad. Also notice the checkout lanes have a few extra details here and there.


Candy bars and battery pack are from Mattel, beef jerky is Re-ment and the seed packets from MyFroggyStuff blog.


Above the magazine rack I decided to put in another shelf. I found there must be an area specially designated to household cleaning supplies and personal items. The shelves are not fully stocked as yet and some labels need to be changed.



Fellow 1/6th dioramists do you own a Kenmore kitchen or a similar knock off like the one above? If so, don’t you think it restricts the dolls from using the counter, sink or stove properly? Well I do!

I am tired of having the doll’s head rest on the upper cupboards, so I decided to take a hack saw and cut them right off! I am tickled pink with excitement over this project!! The sawing went pretty smooth and now I can create more counter space and push the cupboards back a bit, then of course re-paint everything! Note the whole middle piece was removed expect for the one above the stove as there is a battery pack behind which allows the stove and oven to light up.

One day I will do the same for my two Kenmore kitchens and correct this small but annoying flaw in the construction. Oh by the way this kitchen is for the third apartment in the building opposite the one I have been working on.

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