Mini Market Update

Shelves have been stocked and the finer details are being added. This is what the mini market looks like at present:


Meat counter has been stocked with a variety of polymer clay and Re-ment items. Polymer clay is quite easy to work with. I have collected quite a few books giving tutorials over the years. The slab of meat and pieces on the tray to right on the bottom shelf, the meat in the middle also on the bottom shelf and the various sausages hanging were all made by me. I plan to make a few more hanging items and maybe a poultry item to add to the display.


The checkout lanes as you will see below have been outfitted with holders (bent paper clips attached to unit with hot glue) for the shopping bags. The funny writing on the bags will be wiped off with nail polish remover at a later date.



There is a holder which has several bags attached below and then a holder above to hold a single bag for packing as items are checked out.



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Diner is open and Poppy Bathroom gets some additions

Finally the diner opened for business and customers flooded in…14825682543_592fe83805_o





Waitresses like Cara below were hired, but the owner is still looking for a soda jerk.

2014-08-02 11.41.23



Then the Poppy bathroom got shower rings, a sink and a shelf. Still needs a mirror, mats for the floor, shower fixtures, shower drain, wall skirting and plumbing below sink.


Closeup of Toothbrushes, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and gargle cup.


Seems like the Poppy’s really like mushrooms as they have mushroom themed items on display in the kitchen also. 🙂

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Poppy Bedroom & En suite

My Poppy bedroom finally got wallpaper!! Basically a graphic I found and duplicated it over and over on 11″ x 17″ paper, printed then glued to the walls. 20140725_170605 20140725_170709 Door to the right leads to the bathroom, and door to its right leads to living room. 14603494738_b4b5c4e95c_oDollhouse tiles are used on the walls and also cut and fit around the shower base made from foam board. Looking at the picture now I will have to replace the toilet or raise it a tad. Just seems a bit too short.

Toilet brush with holder and package of toilet paper rolls are Re-ment. Dana’s towel is a white baby rag cut to size as seen above and sealed on edges with Elmer’s glue to stop fraying. Shower curtain is a piece of material. Will be taking it off and attaching to rod with silver jump rings instead for a more realistic look. Wallpaper is the same print out from the bedroom.

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